Ox and Ox Compatibility

Both steadfast and dependable, possessing strength and tenacity, two Oxen together create a formidable force! As friends, lovers or business associates, these two work well together as long as they can agree on who is in charge of what. In a home shared by two Oxen, neatness, peace and harmony reign; in any relationship between two of this sign, arguments are few and the connection is steady. This sounds wonderful, and it is — the problem is, this relationship lacks that bit of fire that spices things up and keeps life interesting.

If you are an Ox, you are steady. Steady in work, steady in romance, steady in all of your emotions. You do not experience turbulent ups and downs, and you may be puzzled by others who do. You are a good listener, and much more likely to supply the shoulder to cry on than to need a shoulder. You think things through before committing to them, and don’t start until you are absolutely sure how to proceed. Once you are sure, you keep at it with a slow, steady pace until the job is finished.

Oxen do not procrastinate, and they never have to beg for more time to complete a job. Their strategy was decided long ago, and they have been working at a steady pace ever since. If you need to be able to depend on someone, you need an Ox. Oxen make great mates because they give as much to a relationship as they give to everything else, and they will work hard to make the union a success. However, some of the more excitable signs may find the Ox a bit boring and predictable. If you are an Ox, it takes a lot to anger you, but once you are angry, that anger is intense. It is like a slow fire that has been banked over a long period of time; it will roar for quite a while before burning out!

If you are contemplating a relationship with another Ox, you need to be careful of a few things. First, it will be all too easy for the two of you to become stuck in a rut. Even Oxen can get bored with the same identical routine, although it may take a very long time. More likely, the two of you will grow apart without realizing it. You can combat this by making some novelty a part of your strategy from the beginning-perhaps planning to break out of your routine and try something completely new once a month.

Since you are both so dependable, you may begin taking each other for granted. Your Ox lady will still want to be loved and appreciated and both of you need to make that effort to communicate your love to each other. It is very easy for two Oxen to simply fall beside each other in the traces, and work hard to pull the same cart for years without even really speaking.

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As Oxen tend not to be very socially outgoing, two Oxen may actually have a hard time meeting, even if they’re attracted to one another! At parties, this sign hangs back and may seem to present a disapproving front to others, who are just having a good time. If two Oxen live together, they may not throw parties of their own very often, and if they do, they’re likely to be somewhat serious, formal affairs. This is not to play up the Ox’s more negative qualities; it’s simply that this is a shy sign that places quality over quantity. On a one-on-one basis, the Ox blossoms, and family and friends provide this sign with its greatest comfort and refuge. Being a naturally intelligent, trustworthy and honorable sign, two Oxen together can have an incredibly close and committed relationship.

Ox Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

When two Ox signs collide when following Shengxiao and the Chinese zodiac, it can bring an extremely powerful force into the world, whether they are friends, business partners, or even involved in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Ox signs are often strong and dependable and enjoy peace and having neatness all around them according to Chinese astrology. However, the relationships Ox signs often have with one another may grow dull and boring, lacking "spice" and entertainment to keep the couple interested in one another. This can be improved with reflection and introspection along with proper communication with one another, especially when it comes to their sex life.

Ox Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Ox signs are often not very socially outgoing, but do well one-on-one, which makes the relationship ideal. The sign is naturally honorable, trustworthy, and complete with intelligence, allowing a strong mental and emotional bond to form between the Ox symbols once in a committed relationship. Working in business together, both Ox signs are able to do well with a clear understanding of future ideas and plans that are relevant to the business.

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