Ox and Pig Compatibility

The Ox and the Pig are a good match, especially if their relationship is amorous! When these two signs come together, their sensualist natures come to the fore; together they might spend entire days lolling around in the bed or the bath, giving one another massages, eating rich, delicious meals and napping the hours away. It’s not that either sign is lazy — both are very hard workers, in fact, the Ox in its practical, methodical way and the Pig in its dedication to its goals.

As an Ox, you are the most dependable sign of the zodiac. You never quit, and you always succeed because you never accept an assignment or take on a task without thinking it through first. You are honest and straightforward, and don’t understand or tolerate games in relationships. You are supportive, always ready to lend an ear to a friend in need, and give great advice that is well thought through.

As a partner, you are very dependable and reliable. Sometimes you may frustrate a romantic partner because you prefer schedules, routines, and rules to spontaneity. It’s important for you to loosen up once in awhile and enjoy life with your partner. You prefer to work alone, so it’s important that you make an effort to include your partner from time to time. You are not one for romantic gestures, as you’d rather show your love by helping your partner accomplish tasks or by doing things for her.

A Pig is a very good match for you. Pigs are also very honest and straightforward. Neither of you will try to play games with the other. Pigs are very innocent and trusting. They often get taken advantage of in relationships, so you will be a perfect partner for a Pig because you would never hurt her in this way. There will be no deceit whatsoever in this relationship.

Another area where the two of you are on the same wavelength is tenacity. Like you, a Pig will work steadily at a task until she accomplishes it. She also takes the same methodical approach in thinking things through before taking on a task. You will never have fights over one of you being impulsive, because it just won’t happen! Of course, you must be careful, or the two of you will miss opportunities. Sometimes too much deliberation is a negative thing, and both of you will have to sometimes hurry your thinking process.

Ox and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Pig Love Compatibility

The problem between these two may be their mutual stubborn streaks. The Pig loves to get its own way and the Ox finds it very difficult to change directions midstream or give in to someone else’s point of view when it feels strongly about its own. The Ox loves to create a calm, harmonious home life, which fits in well with the Pig’s cultured sensuality. The Pig can really draw the Ox out of its shell and help it get in touch with its luxurious side. The Pig is also happy to stay home at night with the Ox, who is rather shy and generally prefers stay-in, one-on-one dates to going out and socializing with a crowd.

Ox Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

The Ox woman and Pig man are quite a charming couple according to Chinese astrology, as the Pig adores spoiling the Ox woman with affection and gifts. Because the Ox woman is stable and the Pig man is a hard worker, they can live in quite the harmonious environment together once committed.

Ox Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Ox man in Shengxiao appreciates the hard-working spirit of the Pig woman, and does not mind the lavish lifestyle the Pig desires, as she is often independent and returns the favor of providing emotional support, comfort, and even gifts from time to time. The Pig woman will do whatever she can to help with satisfying the Ox man, allowing him to feel comfortable in the home he has built and provided for her and their family.

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