Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

The Ox and the Rabbit can make a wonderful match! They are two of the kindest souls of the Chinese zodiac, but both have problems expressing their inner selves due to an innate shyness. Together, these two can blossom in one another’s close, careful and attentive company.

As an Ox, you are as steady as a rock. No one budges you once you’ve made up your mind, and you would never betray a confidence. You leave no project unfinished and no debt unrepaid. You prefer to set a schedule when you need to accomplish something, and work hard and steadily until the project is finished. You do not like to be rushed and never procrastinate.

Others will sometimes make fun of how stubborn you are, and perhaps think that you are stupid because you refuse to change your mind. The truth is that you consider every possible angle before making your decision, and so you see no reason to change your plans. You are a loyal mate who provides for his family well and asks for little in return besides peaceful stability. You do not do well with mates who suffer from a lot of emotional turbulence or who are drawn to drama.

Rabbits are people who, above all, hate confrontations. They have developed very charming and winnable natures in order to avoid conflict. Rabbits can convince others of just about anything, and are experts at winding people around their little fingers! Rabbits think and analyze carefully before doing anything, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences-they never fail to read the fine print. In life, they are very relaxed and polite. They almost never appear stress. When Rabbits are cornered, they tend to run away rather than face the music.

A Rabbit would make a very good partner for an Ox. You value logical thinking, and Rabbits do think things through carefully before committing, just as you do. In a relationship, you will not fight over impulsive decisions. The Rabbit’s relaxed attitude is good for you. She will encourage you to take a break from hard work once in awhile and simply enjoy life. The two of you will enjoy a quiet evening relaxing at home, and neither one of you seeks drama or the spotlight. Since Rabbits are so peaceful and diplomatic, your Rabbit will never confront you in a way that damages your pride. If she thinks you are making a mistake, she will be very respectful in making her requests and you will find it easier to consider changing your mind for her than for anybody else.

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Rabbit Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will share a wonderful, quiet connection; both signs love staying home where it’s cozy and warm rather than going out to loud, grating social affairs. The only problem that may occur is if these two start to bore one another, since their relationship may lack much spark. However, this is unlikely; both place far more importance on such qualities as compassion and trustworthiness in a mate than on anything so fleeting as passion. Both of these signs depend on close friends and family for comfort and support, so as friends, lovers or members of the same family, they will relate well. If these two signs live together their home will be peaceful, harmonious and cozy. The Rabbit loves entertaining at home, which could be a great way to open up the shy Ox, who tends to blend in with the wall when forced to go out on social occasions.

Ox Woman and Rabbit Man Compatibility

The Ox woman may grow tired of the Rabbit’s affection over time, but she also appreciates it and will stay loyal and comforting to the Rabbit’s own emotional needs. Both of the signs, when paired together, make ideal parents as they both possess a kind and loving nature for children.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

An Ox man is a great fit for a Rabbit woman in Shengxiao, as he is more likely to give her the security she needs and the comfort she desires within a relationship. The Rabbit woman is able to provide a secure and comfortable home for the Ox man, which he wholeheartedly appreciates and basks in. Although there are times when the Rabbit woman is somewhat lazy to the Ox man, he is accepting to her kind, loving, and dreamy nature.

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