Ox and Rooster Compatibility

The Ox and the Rooster make a nearly perfect pair, whether their relationship is romantic or platonic. They’re quite similar in temperament and values and their differences are complementary. Both the Ox and the Rooster are rather conservative in their approach to life: Both prefer practical, tried-and-true methods to anything risky; the Rooster’s perfectionism meshes well with the Ox’s penchant for doing things right the first time. All these qualities lend themselves especially well to work and career, and as business associates, these two make a strong and practical team. The sturdy Ox can serve as the backbone of the business and the Rooster’s keen eye and innate resourcefulness can move things forward toward success.

If you are an Ox, you are the solid, honest, dependable type. You probably can’t remember the last time you told a lie, and none of your friends would be able to remember a time you lied either. You always finish everything you start, because you work steadily until you achieve a goal. Before you commit to a project you always think it through thoroughly, and you never have to make excuses at the last moment. This gives you a quiet confidence in your own methods and abilities.

Your abilities make you a natural leader, although you do not usually seek leadership roles, or attention of any kind. You lead by a quiet example, and inspire others to work harder simply by being yourself. Being completely honest yourself, you do not approve of deceit or mind games, although you sometimes may be vulnerable to them since dishonesty is simply not a part of your nature.

If you have fallen in love with a Rooster, it is no surprise. Roosters have the same discipline that you do and they bring it to every task they take on. A Rooster is always on time, even though her schedule is packed completely. Roosters keep track of every penny, and you likely appreciate her sensible restraint. Roosters do like to dress well, but will never blow their budget on appearances.

Roosters are just as blunt and honest as Oxen. They do not see the point in lying or even sugar coating the truth. If they feel you are not measuring up, they will let you know in a straightforward and direct way. Roosters are quite optimistic and have big dreams, but they often accomplish them because of their work ethic and perfectionism.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are every bit as compatible. Both value trustworthiness and honesty, so neither sign will ever give the other reason for jealousy or possessiveness. When in love, the Ox’s normally shy, serious and reserved demeanor gives way to a deep sweetness; the Ox avoids discord whenever possible and loves to create a calm, harmonious home life. The Rooster needs this kind of calm, orderly atmosphere to blossom in a love relationship; this sign has a tendency to idealize lovers and romance but the honorable Ox will more than live up to the Rooster’s expectations. The Rooster is a bit more of a social butterfly than the shy Ox and may be able to draw the Ox out of its shell.

Ox Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

Because of the Ox and Rooster’s laid back relationship dynamic, this pair works well when there is an Ox woman and a Rooster man involved. Because the Ox woman is stable and enjoys taking control of the household according to the Chinese horoscope and keeping it up to the Rooster’s standards, the Rooster is often satisfied and the relationship is able to continue on smoothly.

Ox Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Ox man and Rooster woman in Shengxiao work well together just as with an Ox woman and Rooster man. The Ox man dominates the authority in the household, which works well with the Rooster’s critical personality. This helps to keep the Rooster satisfied and gives her a challenge when it comes to mentally connecting with her Ox man partner.

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