Rabbit and Horse Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Horse may have to put some work into maintaining a mutually satisfying relationship — and that work is more likely to be done by the Rabbit than by the Horse. The Rabbit, by nature, tends to idealize relationships and often puts in more energy than its partner. This is a very compassionate and understanding sign, though, qualities that might work especially well with the Horse, whose caprice and inner conflicts can be rather confusing for others. The Horse’s penchant for changing its mind in a split second often works against relationships, both platonic and amorous. The Horse is a lot of fun to have around — it’s an intelligent, witty and sexy sign — but often doesn’t stick around for long, always feeling the need to move on to greener pastures.

People who are born under the sign of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac are naturally cautious. You do not do anything without thinking, and you need time to examine all possible consequences before you make a decision. Your caution usually pays off; since you always read every word before signing something, you are unlikely to get scammed or taken advantage of. You are wise to consult your Chinese horoscope before beginning a new relationship to check your compatibility with your mate.

Your natural caution normally serves you well, however you do occasionally miss out on a really great opportunity because you spend too much time contemplating and it passes you by. You need a partner who is more optimistic and less anxious than you are to reassure you that sometimes it is ok to take a risk.

Since you are a natural diplomat and quite the charmer, you may wonder why previous romantic relationships have failed. After all, Rabbits have impeccable manners and never offend anyone. You are a peace keeper, and always willing to compromise. But the truth is, as good as you are at negotiating and helping people come to an agreement, this is just a defence mechanism because you truly can’t stand conflict.

People born under the sign of the Horse are a bit like the wild mustang. Their emotions rule their decisions, and they enjoy throwing themselves headlong into the wind. They begin serious relationships quickly, and may overwhelm you with romance and affection. Horses are quick thinkers, but don’t always look at all the consequences before acting. A Horse could certainly use your help in making well considered choices!

Horses are natural optimists, and you may admire a Horse for her ability to believe that good things will happen. She is much more of a risk taker than you are, and that makes her quite daring and attractive. The Horse is full of an enthusiasm and zest for life that is contagious.

Rabbit and Horse Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Horse Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will both need to make certain adjustments for the other’s nature in order to make things work. The Rabbit is a timid, shy and nervous sort who needs to feel supported and protected by loved ones. This is quite a demand to place on the independent Horse, who is unpredictable at best; however, if the Horse can find the balance between maintaining independence and providing steady support for the Rabbit, it will be richly rewarded by the Rabbit’s generosity and affection. The Horse tends to be in love with love, which will draw the impressionable, romantic Rabbit right in; the trouble may come if the Horse suddenly loses interest and moves on.

Rabbit Woman and Horse Man Compatibility

The Rabbit woman may feel neglected at times with the Horse man, especially if he is seeking new adventures. However, the Horse man enjoys showering the Rabbit woman with love and lots of sexual attention in the beginning of any relationship, attracting them in the first place.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

If a Rabbit man can accept the Horse woman’s need for freedom and independence, this relationship has the capability of lasting with enough communication. Rabbit men are dreamers, and the Horse woman often respects that, although neither are able to offer consistency in many cases.

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