Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Monkey are rather opposite in nature, so a mutually satisfying connection may take both work and understanding. The Rabbit’s powers of compassionate perception will help this relationship a great deal, but this sign is traditionally rather passive and more giving than it needs to be, and may end up putting more energy into the relationship than the Monkey does. The Monkey means no harm; it simply is generally most interested in pursuing its own pleasure, first and foremost.

As a Rabbit, you can charm and entice others fairly easily. You are a master of flattery, and you are very skilful with words. Many women find you so polite and well spoken that they find themselves falling for you! In fact, it’s hard for anyone to say no to you when you have set your mind on something.

Rabbits are haters of conflict. You may have noticed how you become anxious and nervous when someone confronts you, and how you will go out of your way to avoid them. Your tendency to flee can be a negative one, because problems do not get solved if you keep running away from them! You need a partner who can approach you gently, rather than corner you, when there is a problem.

Monkeys, like Rabbits, are creative. They are also quick thinkers. Unfortunately, they often use their intelligence and creativity to manipulate others for their own benefit. Monkeys are tricksters, and tend to look out for themselves first and foremost. You will find a Monkey very charming. Monkeys often work in sales because they are simply brilliant at closing a deal. Watching them work is an interesting experience. Because of these talents, Monkeys rarely have a problem finding a job or a romantic partner. The problem is, once a Monkey feels like she has something for sure, she tends to lose interest. If you love a Monkey, you may have to play some of her own games to keep her guessing.

You will see easily through the Monkey’s games, because you always notice fine print, tricks, and scams. Luckily, this will win the Monkey’s respect. A Monkey dismisses men that she believes are beneath her, and intelligence is something she admires. If a Monkey really loves you, she will turn her quick mind to pleasing you, and will be devoted enough to give up some of her selfishness.

Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two have different interests. The Rabbit likes entertaining at home with dinner, candles and soft music; socially shy but very affectionate, this sign is most comfortable in intimate gatherings. The Monkey loves a party but is a very energetic, up personality that loves groups, crowds, noise, lights and fun. While the Rabbit is hosting the small dinner party at home, the Monkey might be out at a nightclub or the county fair, talking and laughing and running around, trying to use up all that seemingly inexhaustible energy. These two signs may be attracted to one another but their connection isn’t likely to be based on an intense soul-recognition or meeting of the minds.

Rabbit Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

The attraction between the Rabbit woman and the Monkey man is intense in Chinese astrology, but is often physical rather than a mental connection, or even a connection that relates to their future goals and plans they may have in mind according to their Chinese horoscope. This relationship will work best if the Rabbit has a sense of independence or a group of friends separate from the Monkey, allowing them to lead separate social lives that are equally satisfying for long-term committed relationships.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Monkey woman is often on-the-go, which can leave the Rabbit man feeling insecure or unhappy from time to time. It is important for the Monkey to work on being more emotionally open to the Rabbit and for the Rabbit to be less attached for this pairing to work out well.

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