Rabbit and Ox Compatibility

The Rabbit and Ox can make a wonderful match! They are two of the kindest souls of the Chinese zodiac, but both have problems expressing their inner selves due to an innate shyness. Together, these two can blossom in one another’s close, careful and attentive company.

Since you are a Rabbit, the defining part of your nature is that you hate confrontations. You have developed many strategies in order to avoid fights and conflicts, and one of those strategies is to have a very charming nature. You can disarm anyone with a smile and convince people of just about anything. You take great care to make intelligent decisions and weigh every factor before committing-Rabbits are people who never miss the fine print in contracts. You are quite calm most of the time, and you help others relax, unwind, and enjoy life. You are prone to moodiness, however, and require a supportive partner.

It’s hard to find a more supportive and steady partner than an Ox. Oxen do not quite once they’ve decided to do something, and they never tell secrets. If you admire an Ox, you have probably noticed how she never forgets a promise, and repays every favor promptly. She works steadily, sticking to her plan until the job is done. Her word is truly her bond. She resists being rushed, and doesn’t procrastinate. There is much to admire about Oxen. Although they can take a long time to make up their minds, that is because they want to make the most intelligent decision possible. An Ox is a loyal mate who can be counted upon to provide for her family.

Thanks to the Ox’s dependability, she will be there for you when you are moody. Her calm attitude and willingness to work things out no matter what it takes will reassure you. In return, your relaxed attitude is good for an Ox. You can encourage her to take a break from hard work now and again to just enjoy life. Both of you are rather domestic, and strongly prefer a quiet evening at home to going out, so you will not end up fighting over plans. On the rare occasion when the Ox is wrong, your negotiating skills have a good chance of convincing her to listen-and getting an Ox to take advice is no easy task!

You must try hard to keep up with the Ox’s work ethic. If she feels you are slacking she may push too hard, and you will feel attacked. This can set off your "conflict alarm" and cause you to do anything you can to avoid that tension. This won’t last forever, and eventually the Ox will corner you and demand that you address the issue, which will stress you out. It’s best to head this problem off by keeping lines of communication open and always doing your fair share. If you can do that, this will be a long lasting and happy relationship.

Rabbit and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Ox Love Compatibility

As lovers, Rabbit and Ox will share a wonderful, quiet connection; both signs love staying home where it’s cozy and warm rather than going out to loud, grating social affairs. The only problem that may occur is if these two start to bore one another, since their relationship may lack much spark. However, this is unlikely; both place far more importance on such qualities as compassion and trustworthiness in a mate than on anything so fleeting as passion.

Rabbit Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

An Ox man is a great fit for a Rabbit woman in Shengxiao, as he is more likely to give her the security she needs and the comfort she desires within a relationship. The Rabbit woman is able to provide a secure and comfortable home for the Ox man, which he wholeheartedly appreciates and basks in. Although there are times when the Rabbit woman is somewhat lazy to the Ox man, he is accepting to her kind, loving, and dreamy nature.

Rabbit Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Ox woman may grow tired of the Rabbit’s affection over time, but she also appreciates it and will stay loyal and comforting to the Rabbit’s own emotional needs. Both of the signs, when paired together, make ideal parents as they both possess a kind and loving nature for children.

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