Rabbit and Pig Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Pig can make a great and mutually satisfying connection, especially if they’re friends, lovers or members of the same family. The Pig derives great pleasure from offering its loved ones help, affection and protection. The emotional Rabbit relies on friends and family for support, without which it has trouble maintaining equilibrium. These two qualities are highly complementary, and these two signs are likely to make one another feel very well-loved and cared for.

If you are a Rabbit, you hate tension and conflict. Over a lifetime of trying to avoid it, you have become a sophisticated negotiator, and have developed a talent for bringing two sides together. You are well spoken and polite, and are an expert at bringing others around to your way of thinking. Rather than trying to get your way by force, you simply wear away at arguments with persuasive logic and patience. If these tactics fail, however, you tend to flee. Rabbits do not fight, and they do not handle any kind of conflict well. You would rather end a relationship than have a fight.

Rabbits are very careful and wise. You are not easily fooled by unscrupulous people because you pay attention to detail. Despite this caution, you are also capable of relaxing and enjoying life, because you know when to de-stress and have a good time. You can be moody, and you need a partner who will support you through your moods.

Pigs have a lot in common with Rabbits. It is natural for these two to gravitate towards each other. Pigs are bright and social, and they dislike conflict almost as much as you do! When you see a Pig at a party, she is not likely to be the center of attention, but she is probably friends with the people who are. Pigs mend conflicts between their friends easily, and are very supportive. They don’t mind being a shoulder to cry on. Sometime Pigs indulge a little too much.

Despite their indulgences, Pigs are hard workers. If a Pig commits herself to something she works steadily at it and sees it through. Pigs usually have a good balance in their lives between work and pleasure, even though they have such a keen appreciation of beautiful things and other indulgences.

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Rabbit and Pig Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two could have quite a steamy connection; the Pig is an out-and-out sensualist and the Rabbit’s timidity belies a truly passionate nature. If in business together, the Pig may act as front person, being more socially gregarious and at ease than the Rabbit; however, the Pig’s good manners would never let it presume it had the upper hand in the business. This sign will always listen to the Rabbit’s ideas and will likely find them to be uniquely innovative.

Rabbit Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

The Pig man in Sheng Xiao (the Chinese Zodiac) adores showering the Rabbit woman with love and affection. The Rabbits docile nature is appealing to the Pig, who enjoys being a provider and a hard worker for his family. The Rabbit woman is able to provide a happy home life for the Pig man, which is loved.

Rabbit Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit man enjoys being with the Pig woman, who showers him with compliments and helps to boost his self-esteem and confidence in- and outside the bedroom. The two are great pairs emotionally, sexually, and physically.

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