Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility

As they’re both timid, sweet and compassionate, two Rabbits together could be a match made in heaven — but any relationship needs to be grounded on Earth once in a while! Life for the Rabbit is a highly subjective affair; this sign is deeply emotional, idealistic and artistic, with great potential for insecurity. Two Rabbits together feed off one another’s emotions, including pessimism and anxiety; the balance in this relationship may be delicate, easily upset.

Rabbits are born under a most auspicious sign! The Chinese believe that this zodiac sign experiences a lot of good fortune and luck. Rabbits are always finding themselves on the receiving end of lucky circumstances, and they usually have long lives. Consulting the Chinese horoscope can help you understand the challenges you face in business and love. That’s because it reveals your strengths and weaknesses to you. This will help you decide if you are compatible with another or not.

Rabbits are dreamy and artistic. You love to be surrounded by soft colors and pleasing decorations. Your spirit is tranquil, and you like your surroundings to reflect that. You are intelligent, quick-witted, and make a good scholar. Rabbits are the politicians, lawyers, and negotiators of the Chinese zodiac. They are very good at communicated, and are well spoken and well written. Because of this, they are good at getting others to see their point of view. In fact, a Rabbit can have you found around his or her little finger before you even know what’s happening! It’s quite hard to say no to a Rabbit.

As a Rabbit, you have probably noticed that you do not like conflict. Angry or tense situations make you nervous, uncomfortable, and scared. You are not a fighter, and don’t usually have the means to emotionally defend yourself, which means that you run. If someone tries to corner you, you may end up cutting off all contact with them because you simply cannot deal with the situation. Luckily, you are great at sizing up people and situations and recognizing potential conflicts. This makes you even better at avoiding them.

Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Rabbit Love Compatibility

If these two are amorous, their relationship is likely to be very loving. This sign tends to idealize relationships, a quality that can be a problem for other signs but, Rabbit to Rabbit, only serves to heighten the sweetness and emotional intensity of the affair. As Rabbits need lots of support and encouragement from loved ones in order to maintain equilibrium, two together must take care not to bring one another down when anxiety sets in. If these two live together, their home is likely to be quite lovely and comfortable. Rabbits are artistically inclined and love to entertain their friends and families at home; dinner parties will be candlelit, with soft music playing in the background to add to the mood.

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Rabbit signs in the Chinese zodiac work well together, with enough communication and the ability to reflect on the relationship and its needs over time. Rabbits are both sensitive, shy, and compassionate, making for a truly loving and committed relationship.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

However, any conflicts that arise in a Rabbit and Rabbit relationship may cause a quick upset between the pair, even sexually, as Rabbits tend to feed off one another’s emotions and feelings. Both Rabbits will be extremely emotionally involved in the relationship while also being artistic and idealistic about the future and the present.

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