Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Rooster may have to work hard to understand one another’s motivations since, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. The problem lies in their very different natures, which are the results of their unique perceptions of the world: The Rabbit experiences life almost completely subjectively and therefore has trouble with practicalities, details and other things mundane. The Rooster, on the other hand, sees the world almost exclusively as details that require precise work to be perfected. The Rooster might well find the Rabbit to be far too careless and the Rabbit may find the Rooster to be overly demanding and critical. The Rabbit is compassionate and understanding, however, not to mention timid, and often won’t speak up even when feeling criticized.

As a Rabbit, you are sensitive, emotional, and moody. You need a supportive partner who will be there for you when you are down. You do know how to relax and enjoy life, but sometimes you are quite stressed, as well. You have a creative, artistic and intuitive side that needs to be indulged and respected by your partner.

Rabbits are very intelligent and think carefully before acting. They do not commit to anything without examining all the fine print and hidden catches. Some people make the mistake of thinking that you are slow because it takes awhile for you to make a decision, but really you are just being thorough. As a result, you are rarely taken advantage of.

You hate conflict and tension. You will flee all signs of a fight, and would rather give up on a friendship or romantic relationship than be backed into a corner. You need a partner who respects this and is willing to resolve issues in a non-combative way.

Roosters are not the greatest lovers for Rabbits. A Rooster is quick-witted; she thinks fast, and she acts fast. Furthermore, she does not have a lot of respect for others who can’t or won’t do the same. A Rooster’s schedule is always packed and organized, and she will not be impressed if you are late for an appointment, even if the appointment is not with her! Roosters organize their lives and finances perfectly, and need partners who do the same. If their partners can’t do that, they are willing to handle all the organization in the relationship, but they can’t stand people who are unwilling to be as efficient as they are.

Roosters do sometimes need to be in the spotlight. It’s hard to miss a Rooster who always cuts a fine and beautiful figure in fashionable, well-fitting clothes. If you date a Rooster, you may sometimes feel neglected when she is playing up to a crowd.

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Rabbit and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers their connection may be no more satisfying. The Rabbit tends to put more energy into relationships than do other signs. This may not be a problem with the Rooster, who devotes all its energy to whatever new endeavor lies before it, but these two signs have very different approaches to romance. The Rooster likes to nag — lovers, friends and family members alike — and considers perfection to be both necessary and attainable. The Rabbit relies on emotional support from its loved ones to help it maintain emotional equilibrium and the Rooster is certainly strong, capable of providing the Rabbit with this kind of stability. The Rooster also makes a truly loyal and loving mate, but the Rabbit may ultimately feel too henpecked, which will begin to erode its already tenuous sense of self.

Rabbit Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

The Rabbit woman in Shengxiao is often too timid for the Rooster man, who may not be attracted to the submissive nature of her personality. The Rabbit has a subjective view of life, whereas the Rooster man is more practical, causing friction, and a sometimes frustrating sexual relationship when these two date.

Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Rooster woman is often too practical and serious for the Rabbit man, who is extremely emotional in some relationships. The Rooster woman prefers to handle all situations and life decisions without emotions, which is not how the Rabbit man views life.

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