Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

The Snake and Rabbit have rather different ways of approaching the world, but they can still have a fulfilling, close relationship. Socially, these two are almost opposites: Where the Rabbit is timid and shy, preferring to entertain at home with close friends over going out and painting the town red, the Snake is very popular due to its innate charm, dangerous intelligence and sexy demeanor. However, both these signs operate on a more intuitive than rational level. The Snake is known for its powers of intuition as well as its philosophical mind, and the Rabbit is known for its subjective view of the world. The connection between these two might well be cerebral, at least at first.

If you are a Rabbit, you are a charmer. You have no problem winning friends, and probably have very few acquaintances who are not fond of you. Your talent for negotiation and silver tongued speech has been honed over years of using it to avoid conflict. You are terrified of fighting and will run away from confrontation. Instead, you have learned to be a peace maker who can easily bring two points of view together.

Some people may call you slow, but they are wrong. The reason you take a long time to make a decision or act is because you are carefully and wisely considering all possible consequences. Rabbits are a lucky sign, but a lot of your good fortune is of your own making. Bad luck rarely befalls those who make wise decisions and are prepared.

Snakes are also deep thinkers. They too win friends and convince others to their way of thinking through quiet persuasion rather than bellowing and intimidation. You are on the same wavelength when it comes to these things. Snakes are also masters of negotiation-the two of you are unlikely to have loud fights, but your discussions may last all night if you disagree on a course of action!

Snakes are very strong and clear-headed in a crisis. They will be able to protect you from what you fear most-conflict. A Snake will fend off would be fighters with her cool confidence and presence of mind. Snakes are fond of expensive things, and will save their money for quality items. Luckily, Snakes are very good at handling money, and she will never spend more than you can afford. She is likely to appreciate your taste in art and decoration. Snakes are great lovers of the arts and she will be quite fond of your artistic talent and vision.

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Rabbit and Snake Love Compatibility

As lovers these two might connect initially through their minds but, especially if in love, their relationship could be very sexually and emotionally intimate. The Rabbit may be shy, but this sign can also be very sensuous! Problems might crop up between these two based on their mutual tendency toward insecurity. The Rabbit needs lots of support from loved ones in order to feel stable, but the Snake may have a hard time providing that support, since this sign suffers from its own brand of insecurity, which can often lead to jealousy or possessiveness in a relationship. Both signs need to work on developing their own senses of self, a task they may be able to work on together.

Rabbit Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

A Rabbit woman in Shengxiao enjoys listening to the stories of the Snake man, and also likes to indulge in philosophical thoughts and conversations. The Snake has enough charm to appeal to the Rabbit woman’s influential personality, helping to maintain a healthy sexual connection when they date one another.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Snake woman, when dating, enjoys the comfort the Rabbit man has to bring to the relationship. The Snake woman loves the dreams and optimism the Rabbit man offers her, helping her to develop even more interesting stories to share with others.

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