Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Tiger may be too dissimilar to have a very balanced or satisfying relationship. The Tiger’s self-possessed, courageous, bold and free spirit might just bowl over the far more timid Rabbit, as the Rabbit sometimes allows itself to be taken advantage of by other signs with stronger personalities. The Tiger is magnetically attractive, sexy and appealing, but this sign is a lone wolf who requires complete freedom and autonomy to be happy. The Rabbit, on the other hand, is quiet, rather timid, sweet and compassionate; in power plays between these two signs, the Tiger will almost always win out. Both signs, however, possess powers of compassion that will help smooth their communication.

As a Rabbit, you are determined to work towards your goals, but you operate quietly. You prefer to be in the background, staying out of controversy. You are intelligent, creative, and artistic, and you have the frequent moodiness that tends to accompany those traits. Whichever partner you choose must be supportive up your moods and cheer you up when you are down.

You are a charmer. You have a talent with words and you use them skilfully to negotiate and avoid conflicts. You absolutely hate conflicts and tension and would rather run away than stand your ground and fight. Fighting is simply not in your nature, and you need a partner who is stronger in the face of adversity to protect you.

If a partner pressures you too much for anything, your tendency to flee will overwhelm you. You would rather run than have too many demands placed upon you, and this can make relationships fragile. You need to do your share without prompting, because if you partner needs to ask repeatedly you will feel backed into a corner. You need a partner who knows how to be subtle and caring when making requests of you.

If you are in love with a Tiger, you should be aware that she is probably too intense for you. Tigers are bundles of passion, and she would be a great protector for you, and willing to fight all of your battles, but Tigers are not usually subtle when making demands of their mates. She is likely to lash out at you if she feels you aren’t doing your share in the relationship.

Tigers need a lot of love and affection when they are feeling down, and she will probably not get quite what she is looking for from you. You are careful, cautious, and intellectual in your thinking, and Tigers are very emotional when they get upset. They don’t want to hear logic, but that is the solace you tend to give. Obviously you are not a good match in this regard.

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Rabbit and Tiger Love Compatibility

As lovers, their relationship could be similarly imbalanced. The Rabbit tends to give too much of itself to a lover and won’t speak up when being mistreated. The noble and warm-hearted Tiger would never intentionally mistreat the Rabbit; however, the Rabbit has a deep-rooted need to know where it stands in a relationship, which may be difficult in the face of the Tiger’s independent, changeable nature. The Rabbit makes a great partner, however, as its lover’s happiness is always utmost in its mind, and the Tiger is very sexy and magnetic indeed.

Rabbit Woman and Tiger Man Compatibility

The Tiger man and Rabbit woman is tricky, and can work in some cases, especially as the Tiger is one to appreciate the Rabbit woman’s kind nature and giving abilities. The Tiger adores the mystery and sensuality of the Rabbit woman, helping her to become more confident over time with nurturing in the relationship.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Rabbit man in Shengxiao are usually attracted to each other due to the opposite natures of their personalities. Long-term relationships face conflict due to the Tiger’s nature to be out exploring and the Rabbit man’s needs to build a life and to live a simple and peaceful life with his partner.

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