Rat and Monkey Compatibility

The Rat and Monkey make a fantastic pair! Both fun, energetic signs that thrive on parties and other social gatherings, the two simply have a great time together. Each of these signs has a bit of an ego, which isn’t a bad thing; it may lead to occasional arguments or competitive spirits, but the Rat, for one, enjoys arguing, debates and challenges of all kinds, and the Monkey is a born performer! These two find their clashes almost as fun as their most compatible points.

As a Rat, you are industrious and hardworking. Nothing is too good for your family, and you will do anything for your partner or children. In fact, you are not above selling other people’s confidences to the highest bidder if it will help you family. And people do seem to give you confidences willingly. You are great at keeping secrets when it suits you.

You are quite observant and analytical. You are careful and suspicious and don’t fall for tricks. This can lead you to experience anxiety and negativity. You have a great intuition for danger and you know when to leave before things get hot and heavy, but constantly being on the alert can take its toll on you. You are great with finances and handle money matters well. You just have to be careful to make sure you aren’t seduced by an irresistible bargain that doesn’t turn out to such a great deal after all. Generally you are good at making sure your family is well provided for.

Monkeys make good partners for you. Monkeys are known for their trickery, but you see through their tricks, and a Monkey will respect that. In fact, a Monkey will have a great deal of admiration for someone she can’t fool. Monkeys are charming and seductive, but you have a fair amount of charm yourself. You are likely to have a playful and passionate courtship. You both have sharp wits and will enjoy using them on each other.

A Monkey is an eternal optimist, and she will reassure you when you are feeling anxious and negative. Monkeys are used to good luck and success, and she will take a break from her various schemes to cheer you up when you are feeling low. Although Monkeys can be flighty, you are intelligent and challenging enough to keep her interest from moving on to another man.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Rat and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two share a hot connection; they feed and play off one another’s energies and are likely to be a favorite couple among their friends, who are many. The Rat had best quell any possessive or jealous tendencies, however, as the Monkey has the potential to stray romantically. The Rat, who often seems to be promoting its own agenda, is more likely than many other signs to understand the Monkey’s pursuit of its own happiness, so the Monkey’s free-spiritedness may not be much of a problem.

Rat Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

The Monkey man and Rat woman in Shengxiao are not always compatible in the dating world, depending on how serious the Monkey feels for the Rat woman. The Rat woman is dedicated to her families, home lives, and also being successful financially and happy emotionally and with her sex live. The Monkey man, however, dives deep into romance at the beginning of the relationship, but shortly after may become bored and uninterested in the relationship. This has the potential to truly devastate the Rat woman, who is loyal and will try to protect the Monkey at all costs.

Rat Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

A Rat man is extremely intellectual and enjoys observing and analyzing the world around him, attracting him to the social Monkey woman. However, many Rat man can be mislead by the Monkey woman, who has charm and the ability to easily manipulate and change perspectives of others with ease. Because the Monkey is naturally optimistic, this can help to balance the Rat’s worries when it comes to stability and the family life the pair share together.

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