Rat and Ox Compatibility

The Rat and Ox are quite an interesting pair indeed. They are a definite case of opposites attracting. Where the Rat is clever, social, witty and fun, the Ox is shy, serious, perhaps even a bit rigid. But therein may lie their connection; the Ox is attracted to the Rat’s lighthearted, lusty approach to life and the Rat loves the Ox’s sense of honor and trustworthiness.

Rats are industrious people who are committed to their families. You are very dedicated to your close friends and family but you aren’t above revealing the secrets of others if it suits your ends. You are willing to sell confidences and secrets as long as they don’t belong to you or your family.

You have a very friendly personality, and you feel very comfortable at parties and other gatherings. Although you are outwardly calm and composed, you can be anxious and edgy, and you benefit from a supportive partner who will help you out of these moods. You are very shrewd, and great with money. Also, you never get caught in a corner. You always have an escape strategy in mind for every situation, because your mind is always analyzing possible dangers. You have a tendency to hang on to objects that are no longer useful purely for their sentimental value.

Oxen are stubborn and hard-headed. It may seem like they are contrary, but really the refuse to change their minds because they carefully considered all the options before making their decision. You need great talent and subtlety to get an Ox to change her mind once she has made it up, or to change her plans once she has decided on a course of action.

Oxen make very dependable partners. Once they have committed to something, they see it through no matter what. You will admire how an Ox always keeps her word. Oxen care about their families just as much as you do, and your Ox will make sure that you are all comfortable and happy, no matter how hard she has to work.

Rat and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Rat and Ox Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are dynamite. The Rat is a very heady, physical lover and the Ox possesses a stout constitution. These two will never be able to wear one another out — but they’ll sure try! As business partners, they also make a great combo: The Ox can be the honorable backbone of the duo while the Rat will put its shrewd mind to good use. The Rat is also good in a business meeting or power lunch, since its quick wits will dazzle potential clients or associates.

Rat Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

Because oftentimes the Rat woman in Chinese astrology prefers to work from home or spend time raising the children, this works well with an Ox man, who enjoys working throughout each of his days to provide for his loved ones with ease. With adequate respect, the Ox man and Rat woman are nearly perfect for one another.

Rat Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

When an Ox woman is dating a Rat man in the Chinese zodiac and horoscope, it is important for the Rat man to be kind and considerate, as the Ox does not respond well to highly emotional situations and often prefers to calm and rid stress and anxieties for a Rat man. Because the Rat sign’s minds are always going and thinking of something new, this allows the Ox woman to balance and calm him. Because Ox women do not anger easily, she pairs well with a Rat man, who prefers working consistently, brainstorming, and going off to enjoy social outings and events. However, if an Ox woman becomes angered, her anger is fierce and has the potential to destroy any relationship and bond she may have with the Rat man.

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