Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rat and Rabbit make an odd yet compatible pair. The Rabbit’s quiet, sweet subtlety may be lost on the more extroverted, brash and energetic Rat, but both signs are capable of great love and devotion. As lovers these two would be especially compatible; the Rabbit would benefit from the Rat’s closely protective, supportive nature and energizing, sexy demeanor, and in turn the Rabbit would give the Rat the gift of idealization and protection of its own kind. Arguments between these two would be imbalanced from the start, however, and would almost always be settled in the Rat’s favor. The Rat has a quick, shrewd mind and a gift with words that will likely bowl over the far more timid Rabbit, who finds it far easier to bend to another’s will than to stand up for its own beliefs.

If you are a Rat, you are bright, energetic, and social. You have a wide network of friends, and you are regarded as the authority on all the gossip in the group. As much as you like to be out with friends, you are very devoted to your family. With Rats, family always comes first. You have a slightly pessimistic nature, which largely comes from your ability to sense danger. You usually know when a situation is about to devolve into a conflict, and you find a way to make a graceful exit. Others should take your advice if you tell them it is time to get out of a project.

You are usually quite good with money, and you are shrewd when it comes to spotting a scam. Your one financial weakness is a good bargain, which you simply can’t resist. You need to be wary of bargains that end up costing you more than you thought. Your one major issue is your lack of focus. You are intelligent, talented, and energetic, but simply try to accomplish too much at once. Because of this, you end up being far less effective. A partner who can keep you on task and help you narrow your focus is a great asset for you.

Rabbits make excellent partners for Rats. A Rabbit knows how to calm down and relax, and she is great at helping others do the same. A Rabbit will calm your nervous anxiety and help you be less stressed. You may be able to make wiser decisions about your commitments in this state. Sometimes your Rabbit will be moody, however, and then she will require cheering up. Rabbits love beauty, and are very artistic. Your Rabbit can help decorate your home and make it a calm and wonderful place to raise a family. Since family and children are so important to you, you will appreciate this talent of your Rabbit’s.

Rat and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Rat and Rabbit Love Compatibility

These two signs make good friends; the Rat truly responds to loyalty in a pal, and the Rabbit is nothing if not loyal. Also, the platonic setting of a friendship has far lower stakes than a sexual or romantic relationship. As business partners they would most likely have an effective partnership, if a somewhat rocky relationship. Again, any disagreements would almost always be settled to the Rat’s liking, and the Rabbit might be taken advantage of due to its acquiescing nature. However, the shrewd Rat would understand the importance of presenting a united front to the world and of allowing the Rabbit to make use of its inherent strengths.

Rat Woman and Rabbit Man Compatibility

Rat women and Rabbit men often make great matches in Chinese horoscopes, sexually, and as a partnership when dating. The Rabbit man gives the Rat woman a calm and peaceful home life that is nurturing and often supportive in nature. The Rat woman is a bit more social than the Rabbit man, but Rabbit men often do not mind. The Rat woman and the Rabbit man work well together when raising a family as both are dedicated to their families and children.

Rat Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Rat man and the Rabbit woman can make a good matche in the Chinese zodiac and in Chinese astrology, as long as they both have a support system of friends and family for when they are having troubles in life or even in their relationship, as both signs can be quite pessimistic at times. Rat men enjoy tending to their partners, which helps to keep the Rabbit woman emotional satisfied at all times. The Rabbit in Shengxiao can often be moody, which is a mental challenge for the Rat man, which he is able to take on and overcome.

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