Rat and Rooster Compatibility

The Rat and Rooster are a good pair when they can learn to understand one another’s motivations. The clever, quick-witted Rat is a schemer whose shrewd mind may not measure up to the honest, straightforward Rooster’s exacting standards. The practical Rooster likes to stick to traditional, tried-and-true routes in life and may disapprove of the Rat’s looser, more creative approach. The Rooster is a perfectionist and will likely fall into the habit of nagging the Rat to shape up and get serious. It isn’t that the Rat is frivolous, however; while it is a very gregarious, social and fun-loving sign, it also has a serious side and knows how to treat loved ones well, with special care. If these two signs are in love, the Rooster will not have much to complain about when it comes to treatment at the Rat’s generous hands.

As a Rat, you have a sharp, analytical mind. You are sensitive to criticism, but you work very hard to provide for your family. Family and friends mean the world to you, and there is nothing you wouldn’t do, including sometimes morally questionable things, to keep them safe and happy.

You are quite sociable and friendly. It’s easy for you to win the trust of others, and you deserve that trust, unless betraying a secret would help your family. Then, you don’t hesitate to tell a confidence. If you have the ambition, it’s quite easy for you to climb social ladders. Although you are fond of parties, you prefer quiet evenings at home, and don’t like returning after your children are in bed. You know how to hang on to a dollar, and you are generally quite good at managing your family’s finances. You have a weakness for a bargain, but as long as you can curb that somewhat your family will never be wanting.

You are not very compatible with people who are born under the sign of the Rooster. Roosters are flashy and more materialistic than you are, and this can get on your nerves. You don’t understand why well fitting expensive clothes are necessary when you’d rather watch your children happy with a new toy.

Roosters will appreciate your quick wit and analytical mind, as they have one as well. However, Roosters are very regimented in their habits and schedules, and have a hard time dealing with anyone who takes a casual attitude towards life. A Rooster will appreciate your talent with finances, but may nag you to keep perfect records. She will be upset if your plans change at the last minute, and cannot handle spontaneity. This will cause problems in your relationship.

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Rat and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will have fun together; they both love being out on the town with friends, having a good time. The Rooster can be a bit vain and needs to be flattered and complimented; the Rat will be happy to meet the Rooster’s needs as it likes to treat its loved ones right. The Rooster returns the favor by being a truly loyal, trusting mate.

Rat Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

Because the Rooster man and Rat woman are both intellectual and enjoy having a healthy and stable home life, they have the ability to have a well-functioning romantic relationship. However, the Rat woman is extremely focused on her family life, and is anything but materialistic, which is the opposite of the Rooster. Although the two signs are punctual, the Rooster’s need to follow rules exactly as they are set while following the path of being materialistic can cause tension and conflict with the duo. This can also influence the sex life of the Rat woman and the Rooster man.

Rat Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

A Rat man often enjoys providing for his wive and children, and find happiness from doing so. Because of the hard work a Rat man often puts into his relationship, he may feel bothered by criticism, which the Rooster woman does not hesitate to give. The Rooster woman in Shengxiao is often highly critical and believes they have everything in order and their method of living is "perfect" through their own eyes. If this is not the case, the Rooster woman is more than likely working towards her own version of perfection.

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