Rat and Snake Compatibility

The Rat and Snake make quite a compatible pair once they can learn to overlook their differences. The Rat may tire of the Snake’s seemingly slow pace and lack of ambition; the Rat is much more active and energetic, on the surface, than the philosophical, intuitive Snake. The Snake, in turn, may tire of the Rat’s quick-witted verbal games, as the Snake likes to think of itself as a deeper thinker than that.

As a Rat, you put your family first and foremost. There is little you wouldn’t do to keep your spouse and children safe and happy, and this can include morally grey actions. You are intelligent and have many talents, and you are equally comfortable as a breadwinner or staying at home to perform domestic duties.

Collecting friends comes naturally to you, but you do not give your trust away easily. It takes a lot for you to be comfortable revealing your true feelings to another, and sometimes your needs are neglected in relationships simply because you don’t let them be known to your partner. If she doesn’t know what you want from her, how can she give it?

You do a good job handling the finances, but you have a weakness for a bargain. If you avoid sales, you can keep yourself and your family comfortable. You have a keen sense for danger, and so you do well with investments because you know when to sell before stock plummets. You keep your wits about you in a crisis, and you see warning signs before everyone else.

A Snake makes a good partner for you. Not only are you captivated by her quiet confidence and good looks, but her analytical mind draws you in as well. Snakes are wizards with money; they know how to accumulate it, how to save it, and when to spend it on a truly high quality item. Snakes are usually well dressed and well accessorized. This is a necessity for them because they are more ambitious than you are and need these tools to impress the right people.

You will be on the same wavelength as a Snake. She is passionate and you will have intense chemistry together. Snakes are jealous lovers, but you put the stability of your family above all else and are not likely to stray. Your faithfulness will reassure her.

Rat and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Rat and Snake Love Compatibility

However, despite their differences these two can make quite a duo, especially as lovers — theirs is a truly hot connection and they definitely respond to one another’s charms. The Snake’s intelligence truly appeals to the clever, shrewd Rat, and the Rat’s physical nature appeals to the dangerously attractive Snake. The Snake may have a jealous or possessive nature but if the Snake and the Rat are in love, they won’t find it hard to remain loyal to one another.

Rat Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

In the beginning of a relationship between a Rat woman and a Snake man, both may be wary of one another as the signs have trouble trusting one another. The Rat woman cares most about her family and will ensure that her partner and her children are provided for, safe, and happy at all times. This allows the Snake man to gain trust for the Rat woman in a shorter amount of time.

Rat Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Rat man and the Snake woman work well together once getting past any trust barriers they may have. Snake women enjoy intellect and wisdom, which the Rat man is capable of providing. The Rat man will work hard to keep the Snake woman and their children provided for and will also have the ability to understand the Snake’s emotional needs. The Rat man and the Snake woman in Shengxiao are both social, but work well with individual groups of friends that allow them to have independence and gather new ideas and opinions from outside sources.

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