Rat and Tiger Compatibility

The Rat and Tiger may not be the best match in the world. For one thing, they’re just a bit too similar for comfort! Both love to be the center of attention and both have charming, magnetic personalities. In social situations, these two might find themselves vying for the spotlight and developing a truly competitive relationship — especially the Tiger, whose courageous, authoritative nature always wants to prevail.

As a Rat, you are bright and gregarious. You enjoy yourself at parties without needing to be in the spotlight, and you easily win friends. People love your charming nature, and are not afraid to share confidences with you. But you have a wily and calculating side - you do not hesitate to spill secrets when it benefits you and your family. Climbing social ladders comes easily to you, but you are not very ambitious to be at the top. You merely want to take care of your family well and enjoy your life.

You can be a little anxious and stressed, because you have a keen sense for danger. You are good at sensing when another person is not dealing with you honestly, and you always have back up plans to make sure you don’t suffer when disaster strikes. Your keen mind sees what others miss. You are great with finances, although you have a hard time resisting a great bargain. Others often come to you for advice. You prefer your home to be comfortable, cozy, and filled with family.

A Tiger is on a different wavelength than you are. While you find it easy to make friends, the Tiger doesn’t always have that talent. She is intense and magnetic, and has her fair share of admirers, but doesn’t always impress the right people. She is more concerned with doing what she feels is right, even if it angers people in high places. Her passion knows no bounds and she will fight to the end even if she loses everything.

You have a hard time understanding the Tiger’s personality. To you, family is the most important thing, not some obscure humanitarian cause. Tiger’s are simply too intense for you. You prefer comfort and stability, whereas Tigers are never happy unless they are wavering between extremes and dragging their admirers with them.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility Horoscope

Rat and Tiger Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two might have an incredible debut — they will respond eagerly to one another’s exciting, stimulating natures. However, after a while their clashing personality traits may begin to get in the way; the Tiger may tire of the Rat’s self-promoting ways or constant verbal bantering and the Rat may tire of the Tiger’s mood swings and authority plays. However, both these signs are warm-hearted and loving with those they hold dear; if they can find common ground on which to stand, these two will make a durable, generous duo.

Rat Woman and Tiger Man Compatibility

A Rat woman within Shengxiao and the Chinese zodiac with a Tiger man is another challenging relationship, as the Tiger man is often out stirring up trouble, standing up against authority, and inviting drama into his life, which is a turn off for the Rat woman, who prefers to protect her family and home life from any potential threats or danger. A Rat woman has the ability to soothe and comfort the Tiger man, but she will not stand to be a pushover while the Tiger is out repeatedly and ignoring his home life. Because the Rat woman is emotionally dependent on relationships, this can lead to a strong disconnect with the pair if the Tiger man is not sensitive to the Rat’s emotional needs.

Rat Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology and horoscope, when a Tiger woman is dating a Rat man, she may seem overly independent and a bit intense for the Rat, especially when exploring new realms in life or even in social gatherings. The intensity of the Tiger woman may be a turn off to the Rat, especially if she is overbearing or is not considerate of her own family and friends, as this is a priority in the Rat’s life. A Rat man’s nature is to be kind and generous to protect and provide for his family, which the Tiger woman may not appreciate with her own independence and free spirit, causing friction between the two.

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