Snake and Dog Compatibility

The Snake and Dog have a complex but satisfying connection. Both these signs suffer from inner insecurities and anxieties, but their bond may be able to provide them both with the strength borne of having a safe, loyal and trusting friend or partner to lean on. In general, these signs are neither very similar nor overly different in nature. The Dog is generally good-natured and pleasant but is also rather moody and tends to withdraw in times of anxiety; the Snake is charming and seductive but is actually rather reserved in nature, preferring quiet and stability to noise and turmoil.

If you are a Snake, you are quite smart, and you are able to distance yourself from your emotions. What you feel on the inside never shows on the surface. You plot to get what you want, which usually involves money, power, or both. You are prone to feeling as though the ends justify the means. You are good with money, and never spend more than your budget allows, but you are very generous with friends. You are quite successful in business ventures.

You have sophisticated taste and you are always willing to save up to buy a high quality item. You are always well-dressed, and make a statement just by entering the room. You don’t trust easily, and require a very faithful partner to make you comfortable enough to open up even a little. Your highly suspicious nature makes it difficult to fool you!

Dogs are incredibly faithful partners. A person born under the sign of the Dog likes nothing more than to keep watch over her family. Dogs are homebodies who need security and stable routines. Since she is always on the lookout for threats to her home or family, a Dog can be a bit anxious and pessimistic, and she will need you to cheer her up. If you wound a Dog she will come out snarling and barking.

You can do quite well with a Dog as a partner. You must be careful that you do not try to manipulate her or take advantage of her loyalty, as she will feel quite betrayed and will not take it lying down. She may be offended by the way you treat others if you do not act honorably. A Dog has a strong sense of right and wrong and may be uncomfortable with some of your less scrupulous business strategies.

Snake and Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Dog Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will likely enjoy a certain stability that is comforting to both. Their intimate connection will be strong; certain less positive qualities, such as the Snake’s tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness with a lover, will be quelled. The Dog is a very loyal and trustworthy sign, one that would never dishonor itself or the Snake by giving the Snake reason to be jealous. The Snake can return the favor by helping the Dog to forget its irrational worries and relax into the calm, earthy sensuality the Snake possesses. If these two live together their house will be comfortable and elegant, a place of refuge for both.

Snake Woman and Dog Man Compatibility

The Snake woman may not enjoy being as honest and as loyal as the Dog man she has chosen to partner up with. However, if the two are able to reach agreements and if the Dog man is less critical of the Snake woman, the relationship is more likely to be successful in the long run.

Snake Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

A Dog woman may find herself upset and discouraged from time to time when she is dating a Snake man. The Snake man is also more interested in social activities as opposed to the Dog woman who enjoys her alone time and solitude sometimes, which can draw away from the sexual attraction between the pair.

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