Snake and Dragon Compatibility

The Snake and Dragon make a good match as long as they know one another’s habits and motivations. Both are sexy and attractive signs, albeit in different ways: The Dragon’s magnetism is more brash and energetic than the Snake’s, whose appeal lies on a more subtle plane. Still, their attraction to one another will be immediate and likely physical in nature! The differences in the ways these two signs approach the world aren’t necessarily opposing; the Snake relies on its intuition more than on logic and the Dragon relies on luck, on taking advantage of circumstances and opportunities.

Snakes are accustomed to success. They are clever, intelligent, and talented. As a Snake, you are not flashy, but you draw the eye to you with your air of quiet mystery. You are charming, romantic, and sexy. As such, you have no problem finding yourself a lover, although keeping one for the long term requires more effort. You are calm, confident, and self possessed. You never falter in an emergency, and keep a clear head when others are panicking.

You are a passionate lover, but you are easily consumed by jealousy. You need an exceptionally trustworthy mate, because you don’t give away your trust easily. Your true feelings are hidden deep below the surface. You are not needy; in fact, you are quite self sufficient. You function just as well without a mate as with one. You love fine things, and you are always willing to save up and pay for the real thing rather than settle for an imitation. Others are easily impressed by you, and it is easy for you to collect allies and amass power.

Dragons are extremely powerful and magnetic. They seek power, and power also seems to come to them. Dragons will be attracted to you because of your sophistication and grace. You would make a fantastic impression on a Dragon’s business partners and acquaintances, and she is greatly attracted to your mysterious air and ability to accomplish great things without even seeming to try. No matter what a Dragon looks like, she is attractive and has sex appeal. No one can resist a Dragon, and she is likely to have many admirers and hopeful suitors.

Although you have much in common with a Dragon, her many admirers could set off your intense jealousy. It is true that Dragons can be heartbreakers, and their love of power might cause them to encourage the romantic feelings of others in order to control them. Sometimes Dragons have a hard time remaining faithful, even if they love their partners very much. This could be a point of contention in your otherwise fairly strong relationship. It will be difficult for you to put your suspicions aside no matter how much she reassures you.

Snake and Dragon Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Dragon Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two could enjoy an electrifying connection. Their physical attraction is robust and they share a meeting of the wits as well; problems may arise, however, due to their differing energy levels. The Dragon has plenty of get-up-and-go energy, while the Snake tends toward self-indulgence and even laziness, especially when feeling satisfied. ‘Why move when I’m so comfortable here?’ This seems to be the Snake’s motto, which might wear on the more active Dragon’s patience. Also, the Snake suffers from a certain inner insecurity that often leads to jealousy and possessiveness in a love relationship. Both signs will have to employ patience and understanding to ensure their union runs smoothly.

Snake Woman and Dragon Man Compatibility

Dragon men adore Snake women according to Chinese astrology and all of the charm they offer. A Snake woman, however, may find herself jealous of the Dragon man and the attention he receives in his social and work life, causing tension if it is not handled privately or even in the bedroom, as this pair has ideal sexual chemistry.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Snake man may become jealous of the Dragon woman and her independence, but only because she is possessive by nature. The Snake man adores the Dragon woman, and she loves the mystery he brings to their relationship’s dynamic.

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