Snake and Goat Compatibility

The Snake and Goat share a good, solid relationship, if one that is a bit tame in energy. Both these signs generally need to interact with a more dynamic sign in order to come fully alive. The Snake may seem more dynamic than the Goat, being charming, popular and truly seductive in nature; however, the Snake is basically reserved, even retiring. The Goat is dynamic in thought, possessing a very unusual and progressive mind and an esoteric sense of creativity, but this sign needs plenty of peace in its daily life in order to maintain emotional equilibrium.

As a Snake, you are capable of being quite cold blooded when you have your sights set on a goal. You are ambitious, and more than clever enough to realize your ambitions. You are a natural negotiator, and have a lot of skill when speaking. As a result, you find it easy to convince others to agree with you. You like it when other people recognize your talents, and you crave a high social status, as well as success, money, and power.

You love fine things, and you prefer quality over quantity. Since you keep your finances in good order, you always save up enough money to afford designer clothing or art. You never spend more than you can afford. It’s important to you to embrace sophisticated styles. You have many things in common with the Goat. She also loves to be surrounded by beautiful things, although her standards are not quite as high as yours. Also, she is not good with money. She spends like money will never run out. Fortune does tend to favor her, so she can get away with these habits for awhile before they catch up with her, but she will greatly benefit from your financial acumen.

Goats are very dreamy, and operate on instinct and emotion. A Goat is not very good at keeping a schedule, and she works when she feels like it. This can irritate you, as you are very driven and far more intellectual than she. You have a hard time understanding how anyone can just shirk work to laze around all day. Goats dream in a wistful way, and do not mind if their fantasies are never fulfilled. Your dreams are more concrete, and you work hard to cause them to materialize.

In a relationship, Goats do best when they are in charge of domestic chores like decorating. You will quite enjoy yourself with the Goat while shopping for rich curtains and rugs for the home. Goats have quite the talent for artistic decoration. Goats are very empathetic and gentle. They are very supportive friends, and many people call upon them in their hour of emotional need.

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Snake and Goat Love Compatibility

These two might connect best as lovers, since they both have a very sensual side to their natures. The Snake is disarmingly charming, sensual and sexually attractive; this sign could seduce almost anyone. As a lover the Snake tends to be somewhat possessive, since it suffers from an inner feeling of insecurity; this might send the Goat running for the hills, since the Goat avoids conflict at all costs. Still, the Goat needs to feel admired and appreciated by a lover and may be able to see the Snake’s jealousy and possessiveness as that sign’s way of expressing its love. If these two live together their house will be artistically decorated and full of places to curl up for a nap or to read a good book.

Snake Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

The Snake woman and Goat man are highly compatible, but share in highs and lows in any relationship. The Goat man may sink into depression, the same with the Snake woman, which can become unhealthy. Luckily, both signs are extremely humorous in most cases.

Snake Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

The Snake man and Goat woman may often appear happier than they are. Snake men are not always very good with money, and Goat women cannot handle finances very well, often leading to financial troubles. The Snake man is more prone to infidelity when involved with a sign such as the Goat, who is more passive and in some cases, even boring to the Snake.

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