Snake and Horse Compatibility

The Snake and Horse may not be the most natural match due to some rather opposite qualities that don’t mesh together well. The Horse possesses a raw energy that needs almost constant exercise, lending this sign its characteristic restlessness; the Horse is a loner, always on the move. The Snake, on the other hand, is something of a homebody and may even be a bit lazy. The Horse will likely grow impatient with the Snake’s more luxuriant nature and the Snake will tire of the Horse’s refusal to settle down.

Snakes are confident, calm, and self-possessed. If you are a Snake you may have noticed that you are fairly self contained and don’t need much from other people. You are handsome, and your confidence and air of quiet mystery draw women to you. You rarely have problems beginning a relationship. You love the finer things in life, and prefer you clothing, accessories, wine, and food to be high quality and expensive. You are not wasteful with money however, and save carefully to be able to afford the things you love. You cultivate sophistication in every area of your life. Just as imitations are beneath you when it comes to material things, you dislike phoniness in a partner, as well. It is difficult for you to trust another, and you need an impeccably honest lover. You are jealous, and will not stand for lies, games, or betrayals.

People born under the sign of the Horse are wild like the mustang. They have endless energy for life, and they gallop along wherever the wind takes them. Whatever new interest catches their eye, they throw themselves into, heart and soul. Horses will seduce you with a whirlwind romance that appeals to the heart and senses, and it’s hard not to be swept away by the intensity of it all. Unfortunately, Horses can be self centered and easily distracted, and they can have problems finishing what they start. In a relationship, this means that they can have problems with fidelity. Once they find the love of their lives, they will be truly committed, but they make mistakes along the way and sometimes break hearts.

You will appreciate the Horse’s blunt honesty. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and will let you know what’s going on. Since you are suspicious, one false step on your lover’s part can derail a budding relationship, but Horses are not liars and do not hide things from you. You are the opposite, and do not share your feelings readily, but the Horse doesn’t mind.

Horses are quite social and enjoy parties and gossip. Idle gossip is beneath you, but you need to curb your jealous tendencies if you want to be with a Horse. She will have many friends and be quite popular, and you need to refrain from assuming that she is flirting with others.

Snake and Horse Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Horse Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are likely to argue quite a bit — if the Horse sticks around long enough for an argument to develop. The Snake is a very sexy and seductive sign and the Horse possesses its own raw sex appeal, so initially, these two may be quite attracted to one another. The Horse is in love with love and tends to come on strong, but generally only for a short time; after a while it loses interest and wants to move on to someone or something new. The Snake, however, forms attachments and tends to be a rather jealous and possessive lover; with the Horse, this just won’t do. The interesting thing is, both of these signs feel an inner sense of insecurity; the Horse counters that feeling with constant movement, and the Snake counters it with both possessiveness and charm.

Snake Woman and Horse Man Compatibility

The Snake woman is often attracted to the Horse man’s free spirit in, and the relationship is often sexually based. The Snake woman may become jealous of the Horse’s need for freedom from time to time.

Snake Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The Snake man often becomes jealous and possessive of the Horse woman, who may flee from the relationship if this occurs. However, the Horse is attracted to the Snake’s magnetic charm, keeping the relationship going for extended periods of times in rare cases, even when sex is the only factor involved in the relationship.

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