Snake and Ox Compatibility

The Snake and Ox make a great pair! Though outwardly different, these two share similar sensibilities — they both prefer quality and depth over quantity and flashiness, and neither sign is afraid of hard work. Both also value family and a strong, stable and satisfying home life. From the outside this relationship may look a bit tame to more adventurous types, but from within, it sparkles with its own depth of passion.

Snakes are attractive and magnetic. They are aloof, and this inspires romantic and lustful thoughts in others. If you are a Snake, you are likely used to women approaching you. You keep your feelings far below the surface, and do not get upset or lose control the way others do. Your are highly intellectual, and well suited to a job in finance. Snakes are simply wizards with money. You hesitate to trust others, and do not open up much, but you are not clingy or controlling in a relationship. You enjoy the finer things in life, and do not mind paying more for them, as long as you can afford it. You never over spend.

If you are in love with an Ox, you might be interested to know that she was born under the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Oxen do not demand attention from others, and they are happiest when they have a challenging goal to work towards. Many people misunderstand Oxen, and think that they are slow or stupid. The truth is, no Ox will make up her mind without carefully considering all possible consequences. It may take longer for them to make a decision, but once they do, they rarely make the wrong choice. Oxen can be stubborn, but the reason they refuse to change their minds is because they have already picked the best choice available.

Sometimes an Ox will miss an opportunity because she deliberates too long. You can help an Ox make up her mind a little faster sometimes. Oxen do not like to date frivolous or shallow people, and will appreciate deep intelligent thinkers who are calm and collected like you are.

You will get along well with an Ox. Neither one of you experiences turbulent emotional ups or downs. Your passion will help stir stronger emotions in the Ox, and she will really appreciate how you stay calm and never become hysterical or overly emotional. Oxen are faithful, honest mates who would never think of straying, which is good because you are very jealous and do not allow lovers to betray you. Oxen are not materialistic and don’t spend much money, so the two of you will have more than enough to manage your household.

Snake and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Ox Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two do very well indeed. The charming and popular Snake may well be able to draw the shy Ox out of its shell, but will also appreciate the Ox’s love of home, comfort and family. The Ox will be drawn to the Snake’s intuitive nature and philosophical mind. In fact, these two have much to learn from one another — each has its own unique way of tackling the world. The Ox’s steady, dependable nature will soothe the Snake, who tends to be a jealous and possessive lover when given the slightest reason. With the trustworthy Ox, the Snake will have no cause to feel insecure!

Snake Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

A Snake woman can often be flirty and charming using sex as her weapon of choice, which may flare up jealousy which is quite uncommon in the Ox man. This couple is likely to have a fiery, sexually compatible match in the bedroom that can last for a short or a long period of time, depending on the compromises each is willing to make.

Snake Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Although the Snake man and Ox woman within the Chinese zodiac make great pairs in Shengxiao, they can come to find tension if they are not able to compromise. The Ox woman will pursue a Snake in order to settle down and to have a stable home life. The Ox woman also prefers to plan her schedule and life in advance, whereas the Snake relies on impulses and emotions to base his decisions, which can cause arguments to arise when dating and abiding by Chinese horoscope.

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