Snake and Pig Compatibility

The Snake and Pig have enough in common that their relationship would seem to be a sure success; however, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their connection may be marked by friction. The problem may lie in a lack of constructive communication. The Snake lives on an intuitive rather than a logical plane; this sign may have trouble being objective and can slip into less-than-straightforward ways of behaving and negotiating. The Pig is almost always a shy, generous and honorable sign, but when crossed is capable of being quite malicious in response.

If you are a Snake, you are ambitious. You like power, and you want more of it. You are smart, talented, and mysterious, and many people find themselves attracted to your cool and collected demeanour. You are not above sometimes using unscrupulous methods to get what you want. You do not gossip as you consider yourself above such entertainments. When you socialize, it is with the goal of making contacts.

You are fantastic with money-both making and saving it. Your finances are always in order, even though you are quite fond of expensive things. You work hard and save up for what you want rather than going into debt. You keep a calm head during an emergency, and others will follow your lead. As a Snake, you keep your true feelings hidden from others-even from your romantic partner. It is part of your nature to be suspicious, and you don’t truly trust anyone. This can build resentment in your romantic partners, and you should try to open up a little.

It will be easy for you to seduce a Pig. She loves romance and charm, and it’s easy for you to plan sweet surprises. You’re quite the romantic yourself. Pigs enjoy the finer things in life just as you do, and your impeccable taste in fine gifts will please her immensely. Pigs are quite fond of pleasure and leisure and need to be careful not to overspend. In a relationship with a Pig, you should handle the finances.

Pigs are no strangers to hard work. When a Pig commits herself to something, she applies herself steadily until the job is complete. Although they may overindulge, Pigs are reliable and do not neglect their responsibilities. Pigs are extremely honest, and this can cause a problem. A Pig will strongly disapprove of how you bend the truth and manipulate others to get your way. She may nag you about it.

Snake and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Snake and Pig Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two share several interests, namely close friends, family and a comfortable home life. These are a top concern for both signs; also in common are their mutually sensualist natures. Neither sign is lazy — both can work very hard when need be — but both love to relax into luxurious, elegant surroundings. The Snake is disarmingly attractive and seductive and the Pig is a great lover; these two could connect very well on those levels. The Snake tends to be a rather possessive lover, behavior that is based on an inner feeling of insecurity, but the Pig is generally loyal to whomever it holds dear. However, the Pig does possess a certain aura of mystery, which may cause suspicion to arise on some level within the Snake.

Snake Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

A Snake woman is not as interested in settling down as other signs in the Chinese zodiac, and although this may upset the Pig man, he will do whatever he can to keep her happy and satisfied. Snake women prefer active social lives and the pair is often sexually compatible as well, keeping the relationship exciting and refreshing.

Snake Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Snake man and the Pig woman make for a compatible match, with both having such strong wills. The Pig woman enjoys procrastinating and often has a wide range of emotions and mood swings, which the Snake man does not fully understand or comprehend. Although the Pig woman is emotionally attached to the Snake man, he may be deceiving at times, prompting her to take on the role of the martyr.

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