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Two Snakes can have a mutually fulfilling bond due to their shared values. Snakes have an inner sense of insecurity so stability and trust are both very important to this sign; two together can trust one another to contribute to a stable relationship. They can also have plenty of fun together, regardless of whether their connection is amorous or platonic; this is a very popular and charming sign, possessed of a deeply intriguing sensuality. Two Snakes will likely be very attracted to one another from the beginning, though they may vie for the center of attention.

If you are a Snake you have no problem starting a romantic relationship. You are charming, sexy, and seductive, and you have an air of mystery about you that just draws the opposite sex right into your arms. You are cool and collected at all times, and your confidence is very appealing. You are intelligent, but you don’t trumpet your intelligence to others or show off. It is enough for you that you usually make the right decision and can trust yourself.

As a Snake you prefer to keep to yourself, which greatly adds to the air of mystery about you. You do not reveal your feelings, even to those closest to you, and you do not gossip. You observe everything, and you are often aware of everything that is going on in your group of friends or at your workplace, but you see no reason to share this information with others.

You have a love for the finer things in life. You are sophisticated, and like to be surrounded by elegant things. You prefer designers clothing and accessories, and it is worth it to you to save up for the real thing rather than purchase an imitation. You prefer quality over quantity in your life. Despite this love of expensive things, you never have money problems. You have a good handle on your finances, and you don’t spend what you don’t have.

You are both a passionate and jealous lover. Two Snakes may have a slightly volatile relationship, as your suspicious nature can lead you to doubt your partner even when there is no reason to. However, if you are both careful to stay faithful, you will have romantic and passionate chemistry that will help to keep your union strong.

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As lovers, these two will definitely connect on a sensual level. They are master seducers, disarmingly smart and possessing an air of mystery and danger. If these two live together their home life will likely be very comfortable and low-key, since this sign’s charisma and popularity belie a rather reserved nature. Snakes tend to be rather jealous and possessive lovers, due to their innate insecurities, but two together might be able to do away with that dynamic. Snakes are quite capable of loyalty and trustworthiness; two together aren’t likely to give one another reason for suspicion.

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Snakes connect well with one another on a sexual and sensual level, and are often viewed as "masters of seduction" when it comes to their mystery, danger, and the wisdom that they each possess individually. According to Chinese astrology and Chinese compatibility the home life with two Snakes is often comfortable and very low-key and off of the social radar at most times. Although Snakes are loving and very easygoing, they are also possessive and often jealous lovers, which can cause quarrels and conflicts. Although there is jealousy in the relationship, there is also plenty of passion when Snakes are dating one another or pursuing a long-lasting friendship.

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Once the Snake trusts the other, there is no need for deception, as the sign is very loyal and will work to make one another happy. When Snakes work with one another to create a business, they can truly shine and bring forward their intuitive gifts and their ability to communicate well with others, regardless of the situation. The Snake is very conservative in most cases and will assess all risks before one is taken to help with ensuring their own future, whether it is career or relationship-oriented. Because Snakes can become competitive in a realm where they feel comfortable, it is important for those who are involved in the relationship to reflect on their actions, wants, needs, and sexual desires at all time to ensure both are happy and satisfied together.

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