Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

The Tiger and Dragon may initially be quite attracted to one another, as both sgns possess famously magnetic personalities; however, their attraction may, sooner or later, give way to irritation. The problem between these two lies in their mutual power dynamic: The Dragon likes to be in charge of everything — people and situations both — but the Tiger insists on autonomy. Both of these signs are fearsome in a dispute, and disputes are likely to come up between these two.

Tigers are natural born leaders. If you are a Tiger, others will naturally defer to you, especially when important decisions need to be made. Even when you are perfectly calm, other people can sense the power just barely held in check beneath the surface. This power draws the opposite sex, and you rarely have difficulty attracting women. Sometimes your highly intense nature makes it difficult to maintain relationships once you’ve started them, however. Your ever changing moods mean that one moment you want to be in charge, and expect your partner to follow your lead, while the next you want to be babied and taken care of.

The first time you meet a Dragon woman, you will likely be swept off your feet. This woman wears power like a cloak, and no one questions her authority. Dragons are born leaders just as you are, and they have the same intensely powerful magnetism. The two of you will either hate each other on site because you are rivals, or be unable to resist each other. Sometimes, it may be both. Dragons are always surrounded by admirers, and they depend on these admirers because they have a sensitive streak just as you do. A Dragon’s vulnerability is rarely seen, but she has that need for support just as you do.

Dragons pursue power the way you pursue rebellious causes. The beginning of your relationship will be physically exhausting. The chemistry and romance will be powerful and intoxicating. You won’t be able to get enough of each other, and this may seem like the perfect union. The two of you are prone to following your hearts and acting without thinking, which can lead you to advance things too quickly. As tempting as it is, the two of you should avoid an instant commitment at all costs. Wait to see if you will stand the test of time before getting married or having children.

One potential conflict here is the fact that you are very jealous and possessive of your lovers. Cheating hurts and enrages you. Rather than leave, you pull your partner closer and often try to get revenge. Dragons are unfortunately prone to cheating, since they have a deep need for attention and are always surrounded by temptation. If a Dragon is really ready to settle down, she will be committed to you fully and this won’t be so much of an issue.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility Horoscope

Tiger and Dragon Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are likely to enjoy a highly combustible relationship! The Tiger presents the Dragon with a real challenge: How can the Dragon overpower and possess the courageous, self-possessed Tiger? The Dragon is uniquely equipped to meet any challenge, however, including the Tiger’s impulsive and mercurial ways. And while the Dragon isn’t exactly impulsive, it is spontaneous, a quality that the Tiger will love — these two signs can definitely keep up with one another’s bursts of energy. Though a brash and courageous sign, the Dragon needs emotional support from a lover, but the Tiger needs independence first and foremost. The Tiger is also deeply emotional, however, and does possess compassion and understanding. All of these qualities together make for a very dynamic and interesting relationship, to say the least.

Tiger Woman and Dragon Man Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Dragon man make a great match when following Chinese astrology and horoscopes when they are dating, although the Tiger may be too intense for the Dragon man at times, causing tension and conflict and consistent arguments in the household.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Tiger man and Dragon woman, on the other hand, work well together and can live in perfect harmony if they are both accepting of one another’s lifestyles when they date.

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