Tiger and Ox Compatibility

The Tiger and Ox may not be the most natural match. The main problem between these two lies in their vastly different approaches to life: The Tiger is untamable while the Ox is quite reliable; the Tiger is adventurous while the Ox is reserved; the Tiger is unfocused while the Ox is built for hard work and wants to do things right the first time. What’s more, each sign prizes its own characteristics as ideal, but neither sign is likely to find its ideal traits in the other!

Tigers are intense. If you are a Tiger, you are prone to emotional instability. You love to get angry for a good cause, but righteous anger is just one of your many tempestuous emotions. You rebel against almost anything, and insist on playing by your own rules, no matter what the game is. You throw yourself into anything you deem worthwhile with 100 percent of your energy, and completely ignore things if you don’t find them important. You are always going at an insane pace, and rarely slow down to rest. In love, you are extremely passionate, which makes you possessive and jealous.

You become strongly attached and devoted to your lovers. Although you enjoy the attention that comes with flirting with other women, when you feel strongly about a certain person you are much less likely to stray. In a mate, you need a calm guide. You let your emotions rule you, and can get in too deep before you realize it. You need a mate who is wise enough to advise you, and subtle enough so that you do not realize you are being advised. This is because you hate taking any advice other than your own!

An Ox is certainly a steady, dependable partner who will be there for you in your moments of doubt, depression, and anxiety. She may not understand why you take everything so seriously and are always flipping from one extreme emotion to another, but she will take care of you with love and sympathy. Oxen are very stubborn, however, and you may find that you are trying to pull each other in opposite directions. If each of you digs in your heels, you may be in for quite the battle! Oxen love to work hard and steadily. An Ox is equally willing to work hard earning money (which is good because you are quite the spender) or work hard in the home with domestic duties. She takes satisfaction in a job well done, no matter what the job.

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Tiger and Ox Love Compatibility

Paradoxically, these two can connect through their very differences. If they can learn to understand one another, they can benefit from the qualities in one another that they themselves are lacking. The Tiger can greatly benefit from the Ox’s methodical, thorough approach to completing work, especially if these two are business partners, and in turn the Ox can learn to follow the Tiger’s unpredictable lead, as the Tiger often hits on new and ingenious ideas. The Ox can teach the Tiger to buckle down and focus; the Tiger can teach the Ox to lighten and open up.

Tiger Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

The Ox man enjoys a peaceful and harmonious life with a stable income, job, and an equally satisfying home life. While the Tiger woman in Shengxiao is also a hard worker, she is fierce and is often unpredictable when it comes to life plans and her own future. This can be a cause for concern for the Ox man and should be watched carefully when the two begin dating.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

If the Tiger man and Ox woman are able to work on a solid plan and stick with it with a commitment to one another, a productive relationship is possible. Ox women are hard workers, avoid arguments, and enjoy being successful by providing for their families. Tigers tend to make rash decisions and work just as hard, which is where they can find common ground. Although Tigers are hard workers, they may drive an Ox woman away if the Tiger does not attempt to make a commitment, as the Ox woman prefers stability.

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