Tiger and Pig Compatibility

The Tiger and Pig can make a good match, but it will require a bit of extra flexibility on both sides and a lot of mutual trust. The Pig is generally very kind, well-mannered and generous and tends to see only the best in other people; this in itself makes a relationship with this sign easier. The Tiger, too, is generally quite affable and good-spirited; however, there are certain behaviors and situations that can turn both of these signs’ good spirits into bad moods.

As a Tiger, it seems like you have your own personal spotlight. You walk into a room and heads turn. People might start whispering, but not very loudly. You command respect by the way you hold yourself and the way you walk, and no one would want to offend you. Even when you are calm, you exude an air of power that is impossible to miss. It’s as though a tornado lives underneath your skin, waiting to escape. You unleash this power whenever there is an underdog or under noticed cause to be defended.

You have many admirers, and even your opponents can’t help but admit that you are mesmerizing. When you are consumed by passion, you can convince anyone to do anything. You fight with everything you have and never give up. Although you may not show it, you are greatly wounded by insults, and you need a lot of support from the ones you love when you’ve been hurt. You champion causes, love, hate, and hurt all with the same intense level of emotion. Frankly, you can be exhausting to live with and you need a partner with a great deal of stamina to handle you.

Pigs are quite fond of leisure, but they are no strangers to working hard. Once they have committed to a project, they form a plan and see it through steadily. They are extremely honest, and they do not betray or deceive anyone. They would never lie even to their worst enemy. This makes a Pig quite vulnerable to manipulation herself; since she never deceives, she isn’t on the lookout for deception. A Pig would quite benefit from your protective nature, as you would look out for her and keep her safe from scams.

Pigs are quite lucky, and always seem to have enough even when they spend a little too much. You are strong enough to help restrain the Pig, but you tend to have spending problems of your own, so the two of you may have trouble with finances. Pigs are peacekeepers who hate conflict. They always play a neutral party and try to help two sides find a compromise.

Tiger and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Tiger and Pig Love Compatibility

For the Tiger, restrictive relationships, possessive lovers and rigid expectations can be just cause to run away. Freedom and autonomy are incredibly important to the Tiger, who will do whatever it takes to ensure it retains that freedom. The Pig values connection, support and a steady home life and will very likely find the Tiger’s lone wolf character to be unsettling at best. If these two signs live together, and especially if their relationship is romantic, they will have to make sure to allow room for their differences — the Pig will have to excuse the Tiger’s roaming and the Tiger will have to offer the Pig as much support and reassurance as possible.

A romantic relationship may actually be the most likely sort between these two. The Tiger is magnetically attractive, generally very sexily appealing to any of the signs. The Pig possesses its own sexy mystique and is also very much a sensualist, reveling in the simple but luxurious pleasures of food, lovemaking, even sleeping and bathing. As long as the Tiger doesn’t feel restricted by the Pig’s love of home comforts, the Tiger will be happy to play along — for a while. Inevitably, this sign’s urge to roam, explore and experience will kick in again.

Tiger Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

The Pig man is a hard worker according to the horoscope of the Chinese zodiac, and the Tiger woman works just as hard, but they have different preferences of lifestyles. If the Pig can accept the freedom the Tiger woman needs, the relationship will be more successful.

Tiger Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Tiger man and Pig woman work well as long as the Tiger man is caring and attentive to the Pig woman’s emotional needs when dating. The Pig woman is often willing to give all of the love and care the Tiger needs to feel appreciated.

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