Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

The Tiger and Rabbit may be too dissimilar to have a very balanced or satisfying relationship. The Tiger’s self-possessed, courageous, bold and free spirit might just bowl over the far more timid Rabbit, as the Rabbit sometimes allows itself to be taken advantage of by other signs with stronger personalities. The Tiger is magnetically attractive, sexy and appealing, but this sign is a lone wolf who requires complete freedom and autonomy to be happy. The Rabbit, on the other hand, is quiet, rather timid, sweet and compassionate; in power plays between these two signs the Tiger will almost always win out. Both signs, however, possess powers of compassion that will help smooth their communication.

As a Tiger, you are a person of extremes. You prefer conflict to peace, and always find a cause to fight for. You have a naturally rebellious nature, and often fight for a cause which goes against authority, or the prevalent attitude or point of view. Obviously this means that you sometimes anger the wrong people, but you don’t mind. It just gives you another cause to fight for!

You follow your own rules. You follow your heart and don’t always have respect for procedures, especially bureaucratic ones. You prefer to throw yourself in head first and let you passion and power win the day. No matter what, you impress others with your ferocious intensity. Even those who don’t like you have to grudgingly admit that you have charisma and an ability to get the job done your own way. You have a sensitive ego and don’t respond well to criticism. You do things your own way, and as far as you’re concerned, that is the best way to do them. When other people insult you or put you down, it wounds you deeply, even if you don’t show it. You need a supportive partner to help you nurse your wounds, and to give you undying love and affection if you are to feel better.

Rabbits are romantic and charming. They thrive on gentle words and attention. They hate conflict and will run the other way if they sense tension. A Rabbit has excellent negotiating skills that she has developed in order to avoid contention, and she is always trying to keep the peace. A Rabbit who is constantly pushed and pressured by another person will eventually flee and break off all contact.

Rabbits do not crave the spotlight. They are intelligent and creative, and harbor artistic talents that aren’t always appreciated. A Rabbit will always have a tastefully decorated house. Rabbits can be moody, but most of the time they are ruled by their brains and not their hearts. A Rabbit is very difficult to fool, and she will always check the fine print before signing a contract. Rabbits prefer to have a plan before acting, and like to know the details. Although Rabbits are supportive partners, you may not be able to give each other the support that each of you craves because you are so different.

Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Tiger and Rabbit Love Compatibility

As lovers, their relationship could be similarly imbalanced. The Rabbit tends to give too much of itself to a lover and won’t speak up when being mistreated. The noble and warm-hearted Tiger would never intentionally mistreat the Rabbit; however, the Rabbit has a deep-rooted need to know where it stands in a relationship, which may be difficult in the face of the Tiger’s independent, changeable nature. The Rabbit makes a great partner, however, as its lover’s happiness is always utmost in its mind, and the Tiger is very sexy and magnetic indeed.

Tiger Woman and Rabbit Man Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Rabbit man in Shengxiao are usually attracted to each other due to the opposite natures of their personalities. Long-term relationships face conflict due to the Tiger’s nature to be out exploring and the Rabbit man’s needs to build a life and to live a simple and peaceful life with his partner.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Tiger man and Rabbit woman is tricky, and can work in some cases, especially as the Tiger is one to appreciate the Rabbit woman’s kind nature and giving abilities. The Tiger adores the mystery and sensuality of the Rabbit woman, helping her to become more confident over time with nurturing in the relationship.

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