Tiger and Rooster Compatibility

The Tiger and Rooster have certain complementary characteristics and others that don’t fit together as well; for their relationship to run smoothly, each sign will have to work to meet the other’s needs. Both are noble souls who know what they want — and that in itself can create problems. The Rooster wants mere perfection, which is quite a tall order, especially for the individualistic Tiger, who refuses to follow anyone’s lead but its own. The Tiger is affable and easy-going until it starts being told what to do, where to be and when, but the Rooster has perfected the art of nagging, which may cause the Tiger to turn tail and run! The Rooster means well; it simply always sees room for improvement and doesn’t possess much finesse when communicating its expectations. Expectations generally cause the Tiger to throw up its guard, since this sign is very protective of itself, its individuality and its freedom … and so on.

If you are a Tiger, you are exceedingly rebellious. If doesn’t matter if there is a reason, or even something to rebel against. You are a tornado of energy that picks people up in its path and draws them towards you. Women find you charismatic and hard to resist. You are passionate, and don’t shy away from conflict; in fact, you revel in it. You have a short temper and can become upset or excited quickly. The sign of the Tiger represents a loyalty as well as passion. You are an exceptional friend who would never stop fighting to defend someone you care about. You are quite sensitive, and take insults to heart. When you have been wounded, you need unconditional love and support to help you recover. No matter how low you get, however, you always bounce back, ready to fight another day.

Roosters are clever and precise. They enter a room proudly, strutting and preening in an attempt to get attention. They always wear bright and well fitted clothing-the better to be noticed. They are creative and have many paths to success in life. Roosters are quite meticulous about schedules and plans. They do not change their plans for anyone, and don’t understand the concept of spontaneity. Scheduling is the foundation of everything for them, and they expect all of their acquaintances to be as organized as they are. They keep track of their finances as perfectly as they keep track of everything else. They could use a partner that gently helps them relax.

You are not really compatible with a Rooster in a romantic relationship. Although you are likely to have great conversations, your fights will be rowdy enough to get the neighbors talking. You rebel against anything-including the Rooster’s schedules and plans, and this is simply frustrating to her. You are both passionate, but will rail against each other. She is painfully honest, and you will take insult at what she means to be constructive criticism. This will wound you deeply enough to pull away, and you may seek revenge against her. After you have found comfort elsewhere, you will return, and everything will simply be as it was before. The two of you compete for the spotlight in an unhealthy way, and aren’t likely to see eye to eye or achieve a compromise.

Tiger and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Tiger and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two might experience frequent disagreements. The Tiger’s resistance of the Rooster’s rules will only serve to annoy the Rooster, perhaps giving it the impression that the Tiger is both sloppy and self-interested. The Tiger, in turn, may begin to think the Rooster is too much of an autocrat, trying to get into the Tiger’s business and exert control! The truth is, the Tiger is used to being in charge and the Rooster is used to having its point of view respected and followed, but these qualities don’t mesh together very well.

Tiger Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Rooster man in the Chinese horoscope man can work as long as the Rooster man is able to accept her needs for freedom while she is also able to contribute to the household and also being organized and neat. This turns the Rooster Man on and may enhance this couples sex life significantly!

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Rooster woman and Tiger man can work as long as the Rooster woman is able to allow the Tiger man his freedom while relaxing rather than criticizing him. Due to his brave and strong nature, a Tiger man is more likely to take the criticism easier from a Rooster woman.

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