Tiger and Snake Compatibility

The Tiger and Snake may have trouble finding common ground on which to base a relationship. Both are basically easy-going, as long as each is getting its way — and therein lays the potential for problems. The Tiger is self-possessed, bold and independent, a free-thinker and spirit; this sign insists on being in charge — of the movement, of itself and its own path. The Tiger is often referred to as a born leader as it has the energy and vision needed to move things (and people) forward. The Snake possesses more subtlety than that; this sign relies on its innate charm to get its way.

A Tiger is a force of nature. Your will is as incontrovertible as a hurricane or a freight train. You love drama, and excitement and controversy always seem to find you. If for some reason there is a lack of conflict in your life, you find a way to stir some up. You are always in the middle of an emotional high or low, and don’t seem to have a middle ground. Your friends probably find it exhausting just listening to you talk about your life.

You love a good cause. Even lost causes move you and inspire you to powerful speeches and demonstrations. If a cause is rebellious, it is all that more appealing to you. You have a habit of acting before thinking, and throwing yourself at a situation. Your passion often helps you make out alright in the end, but sometimes you do crash and burn. You can be overly sensitive because you take yourself so seriously. You have a tendency to over spend, and need a partner who can rein you in a little.

A Snake is your complete opposite. She is calm, cool, and collected. Others probably refer to her as cold blooded because her emotions never get the best of her, and in fact few people ever get to see that she has emotions at all. She never makes a move out of the background and yet somehow no one misses her. She is always well dressed, and she has an air of mystery, confidence, and sophistication.

Snakes are very smart and have a variety of talents. A Snake seeks power, and usually finds it. She may be attracted to you because of the fact that everyone defers to you. She loves fine things, and saves her money carefully so that she can afford them without hurting her budget. She is far more careful with her money than you are, and if you attempt a relationship with her, she should handle the finances.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Tiger and Snake Love Compatibility

The Snake is as seductively attractive as the Tiger, which could mean these two will be drawn to one another initially; it’s difficult to resist the Tiger’s personal magnetism or the Snake’s sexy charm. However, soon these two signs may find they don’t have much in common. They may work out better as business partners than as lovers, because there is so much potential for trouble in a romantic relationship between these two. The Snake tends to be a jealous and possessive lover, behavior that results from an inner sense of insecurity. The Snake needs a partner who can provide frequent emotional support and reassurance, and that’s probably not the Tiger! Though a noble, warm-hearted sign, the last thing the Tiger wants is to be held back by a jealous sweetheart; behavior of that type will send this sign running.

Tiger Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

The Snake man and Tiger woman in the Chinese zodiac are often initially attracted to one another due to their physical and sexual attraction. Because the Snake man is quite independent, this can cause frustration from the Tiger if she is trying to sway his opinions or the choices he makes.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Tiger man and Snake woman often have trouble communicating with one another, which can cause trouble in the relationship. The Snake woman is more sensitive and sensual than the Tiger man who is intellectual and thinks with his mind over his emotions and sexual attractions in most cases.

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