Earth Goat

Earth Goat Years: 1919, 1979, 2039

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

The Earth Goat has a extremely considerate and caring nature and will often portray that in their lifetime to friends and family. The Earth Goat is also a very loyal person to their friends and family and will create a favourable impression wherever the go. The Earth Goat hates to go without the luxuries that they want and find it very hard to save at times. They find nothing more satisfying than taking part in their family’s hobbies.

The Goat is an imaginative and creative person with a love for the finer things in life. They are easy going and prefer to live in a relaxed and calm environment. They do not like to stick to a routine or timetable. They like to take their time doing things and do not like to rush as they are perfectionists and will give 110 percent on anything they do. The goat usually prefers to work with large groups rather than on their own. They like to have the support of colleagues as they can get a bit nervous if they are left to do something by themselves. They will try to leave major decisions to others whenever possible although they will put their point across if they feel strongly about something.

The Goat has a very persuasive nature and often uses their charm to get what they want out of life. They can hide their feelings quite a bit and would benefit from letting them out from time to time. The Goat has quite a reserved nature but when they around company that they are comfortable with and trust they become a lot more talkative and confident.

The Goat is probably the most artistic of all the twelve animals with a big passion for theatre, literature, music or art. They are natural creators and are rarely happier than when they are occupied in an artistic pursuit. As well as having a passion for art they can also be quite religious people and often have a deep interest in nature, animals and the countryside. The Goat will hardly ever have financial problems as long as they do not spend all their money on needless gadgets and gizmos. Goats usually leave home when they are young but will always have a strong relationship with their parents. They don’t have the tidiest house but they know where everything is and it will always be free of dust and dirt.

Affairs of the heart are particularly important to the Goat and they will often have many romances before they finally settle down. Goats prefer to live in a secure and stable environment. They get along best with Tigers, Horses, Monkeys, Pigs and Rabbits. They can also have a good relationship with Dragons, Snakes, Roosters and other Goats, but may find the Dog a bit too serious for their liking and will not care for the Rats thrifty ways.

Earth Goat Chinese Zodiac

If you need a friend you can depend on for help when your life is troubled, the Chinese horoscope advises you to find a Goat. Goat people are defined by their ability to sense the feelings of others. In fact, Goats often take on the emotions of those around them, making them upset when their friends are upset. In this way, they can achieve true empathy with others, and not just sympathy. Goats are valued confidants, and they truly care about others. A Goat will work hard to help you feel better if something bad has happened to you.

Goats are also very dreamy and creative. They have a hard time with regular, practical work, because they wait until inspiration strikes and aren’t good and forcing themselves to work without that inspiration. Goats are likely to get involved in spiritual practices, and don’t seem quite tethered to the practical physical realm as others are. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Goat are talented artistically, and can produce beautiful art pieces-when they feel inspired.

Goats also make wonderful homemakers. Since they are natural nurturers, Goats make ideal stay at home mothers or fathers. They rarely lose their patience with children and really put their all into raising them. The creative eye of a Goat means that he or she will be able to decorate a home to instil a sense of calm and belonging-the home of a Goat always feels like a true home and not just a house. Of course, Goats often love expensive and luxurious materials and decorations, and they have a tendency to overspend, so someone has to keep a close eye on the family budget.

When a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Goat is tempered by the element of Earth, it affects them in a fairly dGoatatic way. Earth is a grounding element, and has the effect of making a person more practical minded. Since Goats usually have their heads in the clouds, this is a dGoatatic change for a Goat, indeed. Earth Goats are the most likely out of all the Goats to be able to keep a good job or work away at their own projects without outside prodding. These Goats are better at keeping a schedule or budget than other Goats are.

Most Goats are always seeing the world with the eye of an artist, but Earth Goats understand that other things come before art. Although Earth Goats are still sensitive, and need a confidence boost now and then, these Goat people can be quite successful. Earth Goats are not afraid of working hard to provide for their loved ones. Although Earth Goats work hard, they still have a gift for enjoying life. Earth Goats still have the innocent gullibility that is the hallmark of the Goat Chinese sign, and it is hard to take things too seriously around an Earth Goat person. Earth Goats are wonderful to have as friends or partners.

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