Earth Monkey

Earth Monkey Years: 1908, 1968, 2028

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Leo

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

The Earth Monkey tends to be very academic and well read, and can become quite well-known in their chosen line of work if they are willing to dedicate time to get what they want. The Earth Monkey is less outgoing than the other types of Monkey and prefer quieter life. The Earth Monkey can be very generous to those less fortunate than themselves and is happy to display this in many ways. The Earth Monkey is usually successful in financial situations and can become very wealthy in old age.

The Monkey is a creative and inquiring person that loves to observe everything that is going on around them. They love to help others and are extremely sensible and reliable. The monkey is intelligent and is always eager to learn. They have an extremely good memory and there are many Monkeys who have made good linguists. They are very convincing talkers and often enjoy taking part in discussions and debates. They are very successful in politics, PR work, teaching and any jobs that involve selling because of their persuasive manner. They can sometimes be crafty, cunning and dishonest and will grasp any opportunity to make a quick profit or outsmart their opponents.

Monkeys love exotic holidaysThey have so much confidence in themselves that they sometimes forget to take other peoples advice. With so many diverse talents the Monkey is able to make a lot of money in life, they will sometimes splash out on exotic holidays and are always happy to spend the money as soon as they get it.

The Monkey has to have freedom in their life to act as they want and can become unhappy if they are held back by rules and restrictions. They soon lose interest in something if they think it has become boring and will move on. They lack persistence which can slow down their progress, if they concentrate on one thing at a time they will achieve a lot more in the log run. They are good organizers and will always have a plan of action in their head for themselves. They are happy to put their failures down to experience when they do not work out. They like to impress people and will always have admirers around them because of their sense of humour and confidence.

Monkeys tend to marry youngMonkeys usually marry young and for it to be a success their partners needs to allow them time to pursue their many interests and love of travel. The Monkey is suited to Rats, Dragons, Pigs and Goats. He Ox, Rabbit, Snake and Dog will also be enchanted by the Monkeys resourceful nature. They are likely to infuriate the Rooster and Horse, and the Tiger will have little patience with their tricks.

Earth Monkey Chinese Zodiac

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey is a very intelligent person. Monkeys do not miss anything, because they are very observant and they also think clearly. Although people who are Monkeys according to the Chinese horoscope do not like to be forced into acting quickly because they would rather have time to think and plan, they are capable of quick, intelligent action if the situation calls for it.

The Chinese sign of the Monkey is a prankster sign. People born under this sign in the Chinese zodiac very much enjoy planning and playing tricks on others. Although a Monkey loves to play these practical jokes, he or she is usually surprised if he or she hurts anyone’s feelings. Monkeys themselves are usually not sensitive to such tricks, and usually think that their victims are too easily hurt and should toughen up. According to a Monkey it is only all in good fun.

A Monkey doesn’t play games maliciously. Usually, the Monkey assumes everyone else will find the joke just as funny. Usually, Monkeys are busy pursuing their latest dreams and goals. A person born as a Monkey according to the Chinese Zodiac is always attacking his or her latest goal with vigor. Monkeys dream big, and it’s easy to catch their eyes with something new and interesting. Since Monkey people have short attention spans, they often have trouble finishing a project before starting a new one. This can lead to problems in their careers, because they find their lives more interesting if they hop from job to job rather than if they stay in a stable environment.

According to the Chinese horoscope, each person is influenced by one of five elements, which affects the characteristics of his or her sign. Monkeys who are affected by the element Earth have a stable and grounding influence upon them. Just as we are all connected to the Earth, so too do Earth Monkeys feel their bonds with others more strongly than the average Monkey does.

A person who is an Earth Monkey according to the Chinese Zodiac is less flighty and more mellow than his or her other Monkey counterparts, and has a greater ability to stay focussed. It is easier to trust a Monkey tempered by the Earth element, because he or she has a greater ability to lengthen his or her attention span and see a project through until the end. Earth Monkeys are capable of committing themselves to a task.

Earth Monkeys are also better at committing themselves to their romantic partners. They make wonderful lovers, because they share the intense romantic passion of other Monkeys, but are far less fickle. Just like the Earth itself, Earth Monkeys are dependable and trustworthy, and you can usually trust that these Monkeys will be around for a long time. Earth Monkeys do not treat love like a game, but are very devoted to friends and family. An Earth Monkey has excellent chances of success.

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