Earth Rat

Earth Rat Years: 1948, 2008, 2068

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Rat Elements: Wood Rat, Fire Rat, Earth Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rat.

The Earth Rat is a very wise and very level headed person with many life skills and lessons learnt at a young age. The Earth Rat will rarely take unnecessary chances and is more than prepared to advance slowly and leave nothing to chance when it comes to home life and career; this works well for the Earth Rat as the end result is a carefully planned out and well structured result.

The Earth Rat is not always as adventurous as the other four types of Rats and will prefer to remain in familiar territory and is not as comfortable in new surroundings with new people. Earth Rats are constantly trying to improve their financial status and usually does well at this when using their talents and skills. The Earth Rat is very talented, careful and caring towards their loved ones, however, they tend to worry a little too much about the image they are trying to portray to others.

The Rat is an intelligent, observant, popular person who loves to attend parties and social gatherings at all times. People will feel relaxed in the presence of a Rat as they make friends with the greatest of ease and are able to keep a conversation at a high point. People often feel happy to take a Rat’s advice and opinions constructively.

The Rat is a very hard worker and will always use their ability, imagination and quick thinking to their advantage in the workplace. There are times when a Rat may lack confidence, this will affect how they put their ideas across in the workplace and this can often stop them from receiving the recognition they deserve.

Many Rats have made excellent journalists and writers and also excel at personnel or public relations work and any other job that involves being around people and the media. This is due to the fact that a Rat’s skills are appreciated in times of crisis; the Rat is an extremely resourceful character and is able to draw amazing powers to take it through the worst possible situations. The Rat will always want to be around a busy environment where there is a lot of action, if they ever find themselves in a restrictive environment they can become a perfectionist for regulation and everyday routine.

The Rat is an entrepreneur and will constantly be on the lookout for ways in which he/she can improve his/her lifestyle and wealth and will hardly ever let an opportunity pass by. Another attribute of the Rat is their attitude to money, the Rat is very thrifty and to some he/she may appear mean, the reason for this is because they like to keep their money within their family. The Rat is generally very generous to their partner, children, relatives and close friends. The Rat often finds it hard to deprive themselves of any luxury object they desires so they can often be generous to themselves.

The Rat hates waste and is rarely ever prepared to part with old rubbish around the home; this can cause clutter which can be very bad around the home. The Rat can be very greedy and will rarely refuse an invitation to a free event. Rats are generally great communicators although they can sometimes be a little careless by being quite critical about others to their face; if you want an honest unbiased opinion then the Rat is perfect for this, but do not fear if you are a Rat as people will be prepared to forgive you due to your bright and alluring mannerisms.

Throughout their long and exciting life, the Rat will make many friends and will find that they are especially suited to other Rats and Ox’s, Dragons and Monkeys, they can also get on well with Tigers, Snakes, Roosters, Dogs and Pigs; the sensitive Rabbit and Goat will find the Rat a little too critical and blunt for their liking.

The Horse and Rat will also find it difficult to get along with each other; the Rat craves security and will find the Horse’s unpredictable moods and rather independent nature a little upsetting. The Rat is very family orientated and will do anything to please those closest to them. They are exceptionally loyal to their parents and can be a very caring and loyal parent themselves.

Earth Rat Chinese Zodiac

People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat are industrious and clever. Although they do not usually have artistic interests, they have a lot of creativity in the way that they solve problems. Rats are ingenious when it comes to furthering their own interests.

A Rat person can always sense impending danger. This is almost like a sixth sense, and very reliable. It is always to your advantage to follow the wise advice of a Rat. If he or she tells you to get out of a situation, it is the best thing to do.

Rats have domestic talents and interests. A Rat keeps a tidy, if somewhat cluttered house, and the atmosphere is always warm and inviting. Rats are not particular about designer furnishings or being matchy-matchy, because the important things are comfort and safety. A Rat’s house is a place that feels like home, even if you don’t live there. A Rat’s children are always well taken care of and well groomed, and even though they may wear hand me down or mended clothes, the clothing is always clean and well taken care of.

Rats are very good at stretching a meagre budget. If you know someone who managed to feed and clothe five or six children with his or her spouse making minimum wage, that person was probably born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rat. Rats are resourceful and find ways to save money that other people wouldn’t even think of. If you need help with your budget, pick up the phone and call a Rat!

Although Rats are born nurturers, the pressure of running a household can wear on them and make them edgy and anxious. Rats can become nags when they feel this way. When a Rat person is tempered by the Element of Earth, he or she becomes even more practical. These Rats know how to save for a rainy day. People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat and affected by Earth soothe their natural anxiety by stockpiling extra money in case they have an emergency and need a fall back. Although this makes them very reliable, it can also make them unnecessarily stingy.

Earth Rats are not very spontaneous people. The thought of picking up and taking off on a vacation seems wasteful, and causes anxiety in these people who depend heavily on their routine. It is far better for an Earth Rat to stay at home and excel at the things he or she is usually good at. Earth Rats are very smart, but don’t like to take risks.

Although Earth Rats can be a bit stingy with money, they don’t hesitate to be very generous with their time. Their kind and nurturing nature earns them many good friends who are devoted to them. Although family comes first, as it does with all Rats, an Earth Rat would never betray his or her friends unless his or her family was in significant danger.

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