Earth Snake

Earth Snake Years: 1929, 1989, 2049

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

The earth Snake is a delightful, entertaining and marvelous person. They are careful with all their work and approach everything in a sensible, level headed way. They do not like to be pushed into making any decisions. They are very skilled in dealing with money and are great investors. They have many friends and are always trying so hard to help their family members.

The Snake is an extremely intelligent and active person. They will always be planning and looking for ways that they put their substantial skills to use. They enjoy sitting back and thinking about everything that is going on around them, sometimes through meditation.

There will be many points in their life where they decide its time for a change and shed their old skin and take up a whole new range of activities or sometimes even a completely different area of work. Snakes rarely make mistakes as they are very well organized.

Most Snakes are financially secure in later life as long as they do not gamble; this is due to the fact that the Snake is known as the worst gambler in the Chinese zodiac. The Snake is a calm and easygoing person who prefers the quieter things in life. They hate it when somebody tries to rush them into making a decision and prefer to not be around a loud active environment. Snakes do not usually take other peoples advice and will not take kindly to anybody who tries to get involved in their affairs.

The Snake can appear quite confined at times; they are quiet and reserved and can sometimes have difficulty in communicating with others. They do however have a great sense of humor which comes in very useful in times of crisis.

They are not afraid to work hard and will always make sure all their work is carried out thoroughly. One thing that Snakes must be careful of is high blood pressure and diabetes; this is because they burn off so much nervous energy after any physical activity and demands rest for some time afterwards.

It is believed that Snakes are late starters in life due to the fact that it may often take them a while to find a job that they are truly happy doing; they will usually do well in any position that involves research and writing and where they are given freedom to develop their own ideas and plans. Snakes can make good teachers, politicians, personnel manager and social advisers.

Snakes choose their friends wiselyThe Snake chooses their friends carefully and although they keep a tight control over their finances, they can be quite generous to those they are fond of. They will have no hesitation to shower their friends and loved ones with lavish gifts or expensive meals but will expect their friends to stay loyal to them. If the Snakes trust is broken they can be very hurt by this; Snakes are very jealous and possessive by nature.

Earth Snake Chinese Zodiac

If you need a hard worker who is ambitious, hire a person born as a Snake under the Chinese Zodiac. Snake people are very concerned with climbing corporate ladders, and will do whatever it takes to further their careers. Just make sure your goals are in line with theirs, because a Snake’s only loyalty is to him or herself, and his or her family. They do not keep strong loyalties in the workplace, because to a Snake the world is a cutthroat place.

Snake people do not trust easily. In fact, those who are Snakes according to the Chinese horoscope never trust anyone one hundred percent, not even their partners or children. Snakes will always have backup plans and secret stashes in case they are betrayed. Although this natural suspicion makes it hard to get close to a Snake, it means that Snake people are very cautious and very rarely get taken by surprise. In fact, it is nearly impossible to fool, use, or manipulate a Snake in any way. If you think you are manipulating a Snake, you should be careful, because he or she is probably the one who is really in control!

Snakes are wonderful at making and managing money. The Chinese sign of the Snake is a lucky one, but Snakes make most of their own luck through hard work and determination. Snakes are intelligent and talented, and they never stop working or give up.

A Snake person projects a cool confidence. It is nearly impossible to rattle a Snake, because they are so good at keeping their emotions hidden far below the surface. Don’t even bother trying to get a Snake to "lose it," because it won’t happen. Snakes do, however, hold grudges, and you will feel their icy wrath long after you’ve forgotten what it was you were bugging them about.

When someone born as a Snake according to the Chinese horoscope is affected by the Element of Earth, he or she becomes quite laid back. Although no Snake puts away his or her suspicion one hundred percent, Earth Snakes know how to relax, have a good time, and trust others a little. These Snakes are more likely to attend social gatherings, but don’t strive to be the center of attention. Earth Snakes still love to make money and acquire beautiful, high quality objects, but they understand that there are more important things in life.

Of all the Snake types, Earth Snakes are more likely to take a day off every now and then. Although Earth Snakes are still hard workers, they are confident that their work will be rewarded even if they have a life outside the workplace. Also, out of all of the Snakes, Earth Snakes are the least likely to stoop to deception and manipulation to get what they want. They are more willing to work with others instead of always seeing other people as competitors for the same prizes. Earth Snakes are quite pleasant to be around.

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