Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon Years: 1916, 1976, 2036

Active Element: Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Aries

Dragon Elements: Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dragon.

The Fire Dragon is an extremely ambitious, wise person and is always driven by success. They are hard workers and are respected by their peers for their skills. The Fire Dragon has the ability to be a very good leader when given the chance and will accomplish many things when in charge. The Fire Dragon can sometimes fail to take other peoples advice and may upset others without realising. They could go a lot further if they allow others to help and try to be more understanding for other peoples opinions and feelings.

The Dragon is a proud and lively person with a never ending supply of self confidence. They are highly intellectual and are always very quick to take advantage of any chance. They are determined and strong-minded to do well in anything they attempt, which usually comes naturally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and will always try to maintain high standards that they set for themselves.

The Dragon will be extremely quick to criticize anybody that tries to make a fool out of them. They can sometimes be seen as blunt and straight to the point and are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive. They can be quite gullible and will often believe what people tell them. The Dragon does not take insult lightly, if they feel they have been insulted or hurt then it will take a long time for them to learn to trust you again as they do not forget things easily.

The Dragon is usually extremely outgoing and is great at attracting publicity and attention. They enjoy being the centre of attention and will cope well with problems should they be faced with them. The Dragon can be portrayed as a bit of a showman that rarely lacks an audience.

Their views are very highly valued as they will usually have something interesting to say. They are very energetic and are often prepared to work long and unsociable hours in order to achieve what they desire. They can sometimes be quite impulsive and do not always consider the consequences that may follow. They have a tendency to live for the moment which again can have consequences that they do not think of. They hate to be kept waiting and become very impatient over the smallest of delays. The Dragon holds much faith in their abilities, this can sometimes make them a bit over confident which can sometimes lead them to make bad judgements, this can be a big problem at times but the Dragon has the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces again.

The Dragon will often go very far in their career, this is due to the fact that they have a very self-assured personality and have a tremendous desire to be successful. They have substantial management qualities and will do very well in a position where they can put their own ideas into play. They are usually very successful in politics, a manager’s position within their job, show business and anything that brings them into contact with the media.

The Dragon will always rely on their own judgement and can be quite mocking of other people’s advice. They love to feel self sufficient and there are many Dragons who cherish their independence to such a level that they prefer to remain single throughout their lives. The Dragon will be adored by many people in their lifetime as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and outstanding looks. If they do marry then they will usually marry young and will find themselves very compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters.

Fire Dragon Chinese Zodiac

People born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dragon are mighty and powerful. It is considered an honor to bear a child under this sign, because it is an omen that he or she will be successful. Dragon people are usually successful in their endeavours, and usually end up at the top of their fields. This is because Dragons are creative, set their sights high, and throw all of their considerable energy behind achieving their aims.

When someone with the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon walks into a room, all heads turn to look. A Dragon always has a powerful and charismatic aura, and they are usually magnetic and very sexually attractive. It is all too easy to fall in love with someone born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon, because their power is real. Dragons are not bluffing; they are truly confident and gifted.

Dragons tend to rush into things without leaving time for calm reflection. Their natural energy and power usually carry them to success without a lot of deliberation, so this hesitation isn’t usually necessary. Dragons take big risks which usually have big rewards, but on the rare occasions when they bite off more than they can chew it is disastrous. Dragons do need a support network of friends to help them if they encounter such a crisis. Luckily, Dragons are never short of supportive admirers!

Every person is tempered by one of five elements, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Every fifth year of the Dragon is therefore affected by the element of Fire. People born under the sign of the Dragon who are tempered by Fire have the intensity of their Dragon personality traits turned up. These Dragons are restless, powerful spirits who can’t take no for an answer. Fire Dragons manage by instinct, and once an idea has caught hold of them, they do not let go. Their charisma and power is so great that they can often convince everyone around them to follow along, even if their plans are unwise.

You are unlikely to get a person born as a Fire Dragon to change his or her mind, no matter how well you argue. Usually the best you can do is go along with the ride, and either celebrate in the success or help to pick up the pieces. Since Dragons have incredible luck, usually you will be celebrating. If there is a crazy plan that wouldn’t work for anyone else, a Fire Dragon may be able to pull it off.

Although Fire Dragons can be calm, and value objectivity, they can switch to wild and angry in a second. Dragons are naturally filled with Fire, and being tempered by Fire makes them more of a whirlwind. These Dragons are not the best at saving money, but their risks usually succeed in the wildest of ways, so they always have more than enough money coming in. A person born under the sign of the Dragon and tempered by Fire is truly a force of nature. They are capable of remarkable accomplishments.

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