Fire Rabbit

Fire Rabbit Years: 1927, 1987, 2047

Active Element: Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Pisces

Rabbit Elements: Wood Rabbit, Fire Rabbit, Earth Rabbit, Metal Rabbit, Water Rabbit.

The Fire Rabbit is a very friendly and sociable person who loves socializing and getting along with everyone and is liked by a great deal of people for their honest qualities. The Fire Rabbits is a discreet and diplomatic person who has an extremely good understanding of the human nature and uses this knowledge in day to day life. The Fire Rabbit is a strong willed person and can go extremely far in life as long as they have the right support. They do not take hardship well and can become miserable and depressed when things do not go to plan. They are very good with children.

The Rabbit has many desirable qualities and is very careful in life. They are intellectual, polite and peaceful people. They dislike any sort of unpleasantness and will always try to steer clear of arguments and disputes. They will always be able to calm a bad situation down and maintain peace.

Rabbits have a great appreciation for art and the finer things in life; they also love to party, which will usually be at the upper class restaurants and nightspots in town. The Rabbit is a humorous and intellectual person who loves to be involved in a debate.

Their views and advice are always appreciated by others and are always portrayed as prudent and diplomatic people. They will rarely get angry and will turn a blind eye when there is something that displeases them just to keep the peace. They like to remain on good terms with everybody, but can get rather sensitive and will see any form of criticism as an insult aimed at them. They will quickly leave the area if there is any sort of trouble heading in their direction.

The Rabbit is a silent yet efficient worker and has an extremely good memory. They are extremely perceptive when it comes to business, but their level of accomplishment often depends on the conditions that prevail. They do not cope well when there is tension in the air or when they have to make a sudden decision. They will always try to plan everything that they do, if there is a busy week ahead at work they might make a list of jobs in order to get done etc.

Rabbits do not like to take risks and really don’t like it when a change is implemented. The Rabbit seeks a quiet and long established environment. The Rabbit is meticulous and will succeed extremely well as a diplomat, lawyer, shopkeeper or priest as well as any other job where they can show their superb skills to big crowds of people. Rabbits will be very loyal to their employers and will never go behind their backs to rival companies.

They adore their home and will spend a fortune maintaining it and fitting it with the latest gadgets, they do however love to collect, and this means there may be a lot of antiques around their home. They will spend a lot of time making sure their home is constantly clean.

The Rabbit is usually very lucky in life and often is blessed with being in the right place at the right time. They are very talented and quick thinking. They may sometimes put pleasure before work but this will usually be fine for the Rabbit as they are usually expected to live a life free of problems and pain.

Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rabbit make fantastic friends. They are gentle and kind, and are givers rather than takers. They do not enjoy being the center of attention, and usually end up being a rock for their more dramatic friends. Rabbits are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others, and always know what to say to help cheer you up. Because of this, a Rabbit is usually called upon when one of his or her friends is having a tough time and needs a sympathetic ear. Since Rabbits strongly feel what those around them feel, they have a strong motivation to cheer others up.

Those born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rabbit really do not like conflict. They become very anxious if they are at odds with someone, and even hate to be in the room if two other people are fighting. Rabbits will avoid conflict at all costs, and have a talent for peacemaking. They have large vocabularies and can use their skill with speaking to convince others of just about anything. It is a good thing that their motives are always pure!

The Chinese sign of the Rabbit endows its people with intellect and creativity. These people are always thinking away, even if they are silent. Rabbits generally have an affinity for books and art, and have quite the talent themselves! You may never know it, because Rabbits do not brag, but they are capable of some quite amazing feats!

Rabbits are cautious and careful, and always analyze every angle before committing to anything. As a result, it is difficult to find a hard done by Rabbit. Rabbits are known for being lucky, but the truth is that they make most of their own luck by avoiding bad decisions.

When the sign of the Rabbit is affected by the element of Fire, some good qualities emerge. Fire gives Rabbits a little strength to stand up for themselves when it is needed. This is good because many Rabbits allow themselves to be taken advantage of. A Fire Rabbit still has a giving nature, but he or she is more ambitious, and will take the time to focus on himself or herself instead of slaving away for others.

Fire Rabbits are more willing than other Rabbits to venture away from home and experience new and exciting things. This adds even more to the Fire Rabbits store of knowledge. A person born as a Fire Rabbit under the Chinese Zodiac has less control over his or her emotions that other Rabbits.

Where other Rabbits are usually content, and only anxious in the face of conflict, Fire Rabbits may unleash anger on others. These Rabbits are not afraid on conflict if it is for a good cause, and it is good to have a smart, honest, generous, motivated Fire Rabbit on your side! Fire Rabbits are charming and intelligent, and usually get their own way. A Fire Rabbit is a friend worth having.

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