Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster Years: 1957, 2017, 2077

Active Element: Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

The Fire Rooster is an extremely strong willed and proactive person. They have many leadership qualities and are excellent organizers which is always visible in their workplace. They have the ability to go very far in their workplace as long as they are able to overcome their shyness. The Fire Rooster is able to handle big tasks very well and is very good at multi-tasking. The Fire Rooster can be quite shy at times and will appear reserved and would benefit from trying to be more confident; by doing so, they would have the ability to succeed beyond their expectations.

The Rooster has a flamboyant and colourful personality and is thorough in all they do. They are always organized and like to plan their various activities well in advance. They are usually highly intelligent and very well read with a good sense of humour. They love discussion and enjoy taking part in debates. They have no hesitation in saying what is on their mind. Roosters should try to avoid acting on the spur of the moment as they have a very volatile nature. They are capable of accumulating a considerable sum of money throughout their life.

Roosters always seem to have a notebook or scraps of paper with them, they are constantly writing notes and reminders. The Rooster is usually very ambitious, but can be unrealistic in some of what they hope to achieve. They have a very active imagination and do not like any interference from other people although it would be in their best interests to take advice from others every now and again. They can be quite self centred and stubborn over minor things although they are very reliable, honest and trustworthy to compensate for this.

Roosters born between the hours of five and seven, both at dawn and sundown, tend to be the most outgoing of their sign. They like to lead an active social life at all times. They have a wide circle of friends and can build relationships at the greatest of ease. They often belong to a range of clubs and groups and like to involve themselves in a lot of activities. Roosters will always help others less fortunate than themselves as they are very caring people. The Rooster is usually a very refined person that will always dress smart and keep clean. They usually have a large family and take particular interest in the education of their children. They will go very far in a PR job or anything which brings them into contact with the media.

Fire Rooster Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, people born under the sign of the Rooster are an entertaining bunch. They have a need to be the center of attention, and will strut and preen for a crowd until they get it. One of the best ways to hurt a Rooster’s feelings is to ignore him or her, and pretend not to notice his or her sharp clothes or how smart he or she is. That will really get them going!

Roosters are quick witted and have a great sense of humor, although it can be rather sharp and brutal at times. Friends of Rooster people have to get used to the fact that they do not hold back on anything, and that their brand of honesty can be unsettling. As for Roosters, they hardly understand why some people are offended at their comments. To them, it seems they are just speaking the truth, and isn’t the truth obvious to everyone? Roosters expect everyone to have the same blunt nature and become quite frustrated if you waste their time by talking around a subject (in order to avoid hurt feelings) when it would be faster to just say thing straight out.

Most Roosters are meticulous people who never miss an appointment. Not only that, but they are never late! However, if you look at their schedules, these people do more in a day than most fit into a week! Roosters have a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy, and they never sit still. Nor do they ever stop multi-tasking. It is hard to find someone who can wring every last drop of productivity out of a day like a Rooster can. To a Rooster, the deadliest insult is when you do not keep an appointment, so write down meetings with Roosters in red ink!

When the Element of Fire affects a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rooster, he or she becomes more extroverted and more socially motivated. While most Roosters prefer to work alone (believing no one can match their level of perfection or diligence) Fire Rooster make great team leaders. They inspire others through their organization and work ethic, and use their sharp eye to discover what will most bring people together.

Of all the Roosters, the Fire Rooster is the most concerned about his appearance. Fire Roosters will spend as much time as necessary to look their absolute best at all times. Friends and coworkers often feel that the Fire Rooster is too vain. He or she is preoccupied with clothing, accessories, and the perfect hair style.

The Chinese sign of the Fire Rooster is also a bit bossy. Since Fire Roosters are very smart and talented, they assume that their way is always the best way, and that everyone else should follow their way exactly. Of course, Fire Roosters have the usual Rooster honesty, which means they have no problem telling people exactly what they are doing wrong and why they should be doing it the Fire Rooster way. If they are not careful, this can lose them friends.

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