Metal Tiger

Metal Tiger Years: 1950, 2010, 2070

Active Element: Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Aquarius

Tiger Elements: Wood Tiger, Fire Tiger, Earth Tiger, Metal Tiger, Water Tiger.

The Metal Tiger is a self-confident and sociable person in general. They are extremely determined and will work restlessly until they have achieved their goals which can help them a tremendous amount in life. The Metal Tiger can be very impatient when they are waiting for their results and may get quite worked up at times about it if things do not go the way they had originally planned. They have distinctive features in appearance and are admired and respected by many people.

The Tiger is an extremely daring person. They are very charming figures and usually have very firm views. They are strong minded and determined and perform all their tasks with excitement and importance. They are extremely alert and quick witted and their mind is everlastingly active. They are original thinkers and are always crammed with new ideas or full of interest for some sort of new project or scheme.

The Tiger is always enthusiastic about getting involved in a challenge and anything that he might think has an interesting future or something that catches his imagination. He is prepared to take risks and does not like to be bound either by convention or the dictates of others.

The Tiger is prepared to take risks and do not like to conform to the rules of others.They like to be free to act as they decide and at some point of their life will have a spontaneous outbreak and do things exactly how they want to do. The Tiger can become restless from time to time.

They may be often prepared to put 110% into a project but their initial enthusiasm can soon wear off if they find something that seems more appealing to them. As you should be able to tell from this, Tigers can be rather impulsive, this may cause regrets later in life. If they were to sit back and think things through or be prepared to stick with one project at a time, they would almost certainly enjoy a greater degree of success.

Fortunately for the Tigers, they are lucky in most of their enterprises, if things do not work out as they had hope they may find that they are suffering from depression which will take a long time to recover from. Tigers are very adaptable people with an adventurous personality which results in them rarely staying in the same place for too long. They are likely to try a series of different jobs which will result in them moving around.

Tigers are very honest people and never hold secrets from others around them as they hate liars and insincerity. They are also well known for being blunt and straight to the point as they will never hesitate or hold back when speaking their mind. They can be defiant at times especially when it comes to authorative figures, this can cause arguments with others. They will never back down and will always stand up for what they believe in.

The Tiger is a natural born leader and can rise to the top of their workplace; they do still need to work hard to achieve this though and it does not come to them just by sitting back and doing nothing. They are not interested in any professions that are too bureaucratic or technical and do not like to obey orders. Tigers can be very stubborn and pigheaded. Throughout their life they will want to retain a certain amount of independence in their actions and do not like the idea of being responsible for anybody other than themselves. Tigers like to consider that all their accomplishments are all due to the fact that they made them happen and received no help from anyone else. They hate asking for help from others unless it is completely vital.

Tigers may have great self confidence and leadership qualities but this does not stop them from being indecisive, they will often delay making major decisions until as late as possible. Tigers may take criticism as an insult. The Tiger is capable of earning a considerably large amount of money although they tend to squander their money and not save for a rainy day. Tigers can very generous and may often shower their loved ones with lavish gifts. To a Tiger, reputation and self image of dignity and authority is everything, they love to be the centre of attention. They are very good at attracting publicity for themselves and for the causes they support.

The Tiger will often get married at a young age; the best suited animals for the Tiger are Pigs, Dogs, Horses and Goats. They can also get on well with the Rat, Rabbit and Rooster, they will however, find it hard to associate themselves with the Ox and Snake as these two animals are generally a lot more quiet and serious compared to the Tiger. They will be very uncomfortable around Monkeys and will get annoyed by their playful and curious characteristics.

Tigers will also find it difficult to get along with another Tiger or a Dragon; both partners will want to dominate their relationship and they could find it hard to compromise on even the smallest of matters.

Metal Tiger Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese Zodiac, people who are born under the Chinese sign of the Tiger are very intense. These individuals are passionate and fiery, and live for conflict. A person born under the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope is likely to adopt lost causes and fight for them fiercely.

Tiger people are extremely loyal to their friends and family. If you find yourself being oppressed by someone or something, it really pays off to have a Tiger in your corner. Tiger people will fight tooth and claw to defend you-and an angry Tiger is something few people have the strength to stand up to!

Tigers sometimes get into unfortunate situations due to their intensity. Tigers often leap before they look, and a Tiger may find himself or herself in a situation that is simply too much to handle. Tigers have a lot of pride, however, so they press on and try their best to handle things themselves. It is hard for a Tiger to ask for help.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Tiger has a dual nature: he or she can be fierce and proud, dominating a room from the second he or she walks in, or he or she can find himself or herself deeply depressed. Because Tigers feel emotions so intensely, it is difficult for them to deal with disappointment, and a Tiger usually has only one or two extremely close friends to confide in when this happens. A Tiger needs absolute emotional support during these periods of vulnerability, and they need to know that they are not being judged.

A Tiger has the charisma and energy to achieve success, but not all Tigers are concerned with wealth or material successes. Many of them are content to champion causes like charities.

A Tiger who is tempered by the element of Metal has a steely temper rather than a fiery one. If you arouse a Metal Tiger’s anger, you won’t feel a whirlwind wrath, but rather an icy coldness. Metal Tigers have a lot of emotional energy to maintain grudges, so it’s not a good idea to betray one. Always be honest and forthright with a Metal Tiger-if you’re looking for someone to take advantage of, look elsewhere.

Like all Tigers, a Metal Tiger oozes sex appeal and vitality. There is just something about Tigers that draws the opposite sex. Although all Tigers are very powerful people, a Metal Tiger holds that power in a steel grip. People who are Metal Tigers according to the Chinese Zodiac may appear tense, and they probably are. They are so busy keeping that frantic energy under control so that they can channel it for constructive purposes.

Metal Tigers are fairly focussed on their goals, and turn all of their energy over to their pet projects. Although they love their families and would do anything for them, they sometimes need to be reminded to stop putting in the extra hours and work and just relax and enjoy life.

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