Water Dragon

Water Dragon Years: 1952, 2012, 2072

Active Element: Water

Associated Sun Sign: Aries

Dragon Elements: Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dragon.

This type of Dragon is an intelligent, friendly and relaxed person. They will rarely let an opportunity be missed. The difference from the Water Dragon to the other types is that they are happy to wait for results to happen rather than see results straight away. They are very understanding and are always prepared to share their ideas and co-operate with others. Their main flaw is that they will tend to jump from one activity to another rather than concentrate on one. They have a great sense of humor and are always an effective speaker.

The Dragon is a proud and lively person with a never ending supply of self confidence. They are highly intellectual and are always very quick to take advantage of any chance. They are determined and strong-minded to do well in anything they attempt, which usually comes naturally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and will always try to maintain high standards that they set for themselves.

The Dragon will be extremely quick to criticize anybody that tries to make a fool out of them. They can sometimes be seen as blunt and straight to the point and are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive. They can be quite gullible and will often believe what people tell them. The Dragon does not take insult lightly, if they feel they have been insulted or hurt then it will take a long time for them to learn to trust you again as they do not forget things easily.

The Dragon is usually extremely outgoing and is great at attracting publicity and attention. They enjoy being the centre of attention and will cope well with problems should they be faced with them. The Dragon can be portrayed as a bit of a showman that rarely lacks an audience.

Their views are very highly valued as they will usually have something interesting to say. They are very energetic and are often prepared to work long and unsociable hours in order to achieve what they desire. They can sometimes be quite impulsive and do not always consider the consequences that may follow. They have a tendency to live for the moment which again can have consequences that they do not think of. They hate to be kept waiting and become very impatient over the smallest of delays. The Dragon holds much faith in their abilities, this can sometimes make them a bit over confident which can sometimes lead them to make bad judgements, this can be a big problem at times but the Dragon has the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces again.

The Dragon will often go very far in their career, this is due to the fact that they have a very self-assured personality and have a tremendous desire to be successful. They have substantial management qualities and will do very well in a position where they can put their own ideas into play. They are usually very successful in politics, a manager’s position within their job, show business and anything that brings them into contact with the media.

The Dragon will always rely on their own judgement and can be quite mocking of other people’s advice. They love to feel self sufficient and there are many Dragons who cherish their independence to such a level that they prefer to remain single throughout their lives. The Dragon will be adored by many people in their lifetime as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and outstanding looks. If they do marry then they will usually marry young and will find themselves very compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters.

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The Dragon of myth is a majestic, powerful creature, and a person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon fits that description. Anyone born under the Dragon sign has a lot of power inside of them, and most Dragons use that power quite effectively. A Dragon person is confident and capable-most Dragons are gifted intellectually and creatively. The Chinese sign of the Dragon inspires awe in others, and many parents in China are excited to give birth to a baby Dragon. It is a good omen for the child’s future success.

A person born as a Dragon under the Chinese horoscope is likely to succeed in financial endeavours. The Dragon works hard, and uses his or her creative intelligence to run successful businesses. Dragons have the energy and intensity to dive right in with all the effort they can muster, and it almost always pays off. It’s rare for a person born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon to get burned. They seem to be able to work themselves through even bad situations.

A Dragon person is usually surrounded by admirers. People can’t help but be drawn to the power they can sense inside a Dragon. Dragons do enjoy the flattery of the people who surround them, and count on the love of others to prop up their confidence. Investigate a Dragon’s past and you are likely to find a string of broken hearts. People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon throw themselves into love just as strongly as they throw themselves into everything else, but these relationships do not often stand the test of time.

There are five elements that temper a personality in the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, every fifth year of the Dragon will be tempered by the element of Water. Water Dragons are more empathetic, and in touch with the feelings of others. This allows people born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon who are tempered by water to better tap into their creative sides, and to coolly think about actions before engaging. Unlike Metal and Fire Dragons, who seem unable to slow their own momentum, the Water Dragon person has a more equal balance between frenzied energy and calm reflection.

Since a Water Dragon is more capable of sober reflection than other Dragons, he or she is likely to make clever, well-considered decisions. Although this means that all of their ventures are likely to be profitable, it also means that they might miss out on some opportunities that the more reckless Dragons would not. A person who is a Water Dragon under the Chinese horoscope does not have the deep desire to be the center of attention that many other Dragons have, and so he or she does not make decisions based purely on drawing that attention.

Although still forthright and honest, a Dragon who is tempered by Water is more calm and discreet than other Dragons. He or she is not bothered as much by inaction, and has the patience to sit still and consider before plunging into a commitment. The Water Dragon is a very balanced and harmonious Dragon.

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