Water Ox

Water Ox Years: 1913, 1973, 2033

Active Element: Water

Associated Sun Sign: Capricorn

Ox Elements: Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, Water Ox.

This Ox has a sharp and acute personality. They are good at organizing their work and show this in a systematic style. They are not as old fashioned as some of the other types of Ox and are more enthusiastic to involve others in their plans and goals. They have very high standards and are usually suited to a career in public service. They are a good judge of character and have a friendly and influential manner, so much so that they usually experience little difficulty in achieving their objectives. They are admired in their friend group and have a tremendous way with children.

The Ox is a hard and detailed worker who performs all tasks in a determined and disciplined manner. The Ox is a great leader and gets recognition for his strong and hardnosed nature. The Ox has set their life goals and will not let any setbacks stop them from achieving this.

The Ox takes responsibility very serious and will take full advantage of any opportunity by being quick and decisive. The Ox is sincere and puts a lot of trust in their friends and colleagues, they are however a very quiet and private person who often keeps their thoughts to themselves. The Ox adores their independence and prefers to do things the way they want rather than to follow rules and regulations. The Ox usually has a calm and restful attitude, but if something stresses them or they feel that someone has let them down then they can have a frightening temper.

The Ox can be very stubborn at times; this can cause arguments with others. They will usually get their own way but if things don’t work out how they planned then the Ox will become a poor loser and take defeat very badly. The Ox is somewhat of a deep thinker and can be quite serious.They are not really known for their sense of humour and do not take kindly to new ideas or anything too pioneering, they are quite old fashioned and do not like change and new ideas.

The Ox appreciates their home very much and this often becomes their place of refuge. Their family is usually very close and functions extremely well together; the Ox will make sure that all of the family members pull their weight around the house. They tend to be a bit of an accumulator but will always be very organized. The Ox does not like to be kept waiting as they are extremely punctual themselves.

Once an Ox is settled into their home or job they will be happy to remain there for many years, this is due to the fact that they do not like change or travel. The Ox does enjoy gardening and other outdoor activities; they enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. They will perform well in an agricultural job or politics; this is providing they are given enough space to act on their own initiative.

The Ox is not as sociable as others and it takes them a long time to build friendships and feel comfortable in another’s company, their relationships usually last a long time, once they are settled they will be dedicated and faithful to their partner. They are extremely compatible with Rats, Rabbits, Snakes and Roosters. They can also build a good relationship with Monkeys, Dogs, Pigs and other Ox’s, but they will usually have little in common with the Goat. They will also find it hard to get along with Horses, Dragons and Tigers, the Ox prefers a quiet and peaceful life whilst the horse, Dragon and Tigers prefer to be more impulsive and lively which aggravates the Ox.

The Ox is an easy going person; they are genuine, faithful and modest. They can however be quite reserved and may appear isolated and detached. On the surface they have a quiet nature but underneath they are very strong-minded and ruthless. The Ox receives a lot of support from those around him and will always be prepared to stand up for what he believes in.

Water Ox Chinese Zodiac

As anyone who is familiar with Chinese Astrology can tell you, Oxen are a stubborn lot! Anyone born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox takes the phrase "stick to your guns" literally-perhaps a little too literally. It is nearly impossible to get a typical Ox to change his or her mind.

In all fairness, those born as Oxen under the Chinese horoscope always have a good reason for refusing the change their minds. An Ox never makes a decision quickly. He or she always carefully considers all the facts before taking a side or committing to a course of action, and he or she can never be rushed. That is why, more often than not, and Ox makes the right decision. And he or she will know that he or she is right, which is why he or she will outright refuse to change course!

It is always beneficial to be good friends with an Ox. This is the steadiest and most reliable sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Oxen always keep their word, and always finish what they start. Not only can you count on an Ox to complete a project, but it will always be done on time and on budget. If you don’t like dealing with surprises, try to find an Ox as a business partner. Everything will be done thoroughly and carefully.

Ox people love routine. They enjoy making plans and then working steadily away at them rather than waiting until the last minute. It is a very rare thing to see an Ox procrastinate. On the contrary, a person born as an Ox according to the Chinese horoscope is very uncomfortable unless he or she has a plan to follow, bit by bit, every day.

When the Chinese sign of the Ox is tempered by the element of Water, he or she becomes more flexible. Oxen have a tendency to be rigid, but if any Ox was willing to consider changing his or her mind, it would be the Water Ox. Many Oxen tend to miss out on opportunities because they are not willing to make decisions quickly, but Water Oxen, with their greater flexibility, can make decisions faster if they see a reason to. As a result, Water Oxen are more likely to capitalize on good chances. When this is combined with their hard work ethic and systematic approach, Water Oxen can achieve a high degree of success.

Water Oxen can be easier to get along with than Oxen typically are. A person born as a Water Ox under the Chinese horoscope is more intuitive and in tune with the feelings of others, which means it is easier for her or she to get along with his or her partner. Oxen always make excellent providers, but a Water Ox may be a better listener, and better at bonding with his or her children than the average Ox is. These hard-working people will reap many of life’s rewards.

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