Wood Dog

Wood Dog Years: 1934, 1994, 2054

Active Element: Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Libra

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

The Wood Dog is a hard worker and will make a good impression wherever they go. They are less independent than some of the other types of Dogs and prefer to work in a group rather than on their own. They are popular and have a great sense of humour and take an interest in the activities that their family members are interested in. They are often attracted to the more expensive things in life and get a lot of pleasure from collecting these items.

The Dog is a loyal person that will do anything for their friends and family. They hate any sort of injustice or unfair treatment and will do all they can to make sure everything is fair. They are very direct and always straight to the point. They can be stubborn at times but are always prepared to listen to the views of others and will try to be as fair as they can. They will always be happy to offer advice and will be the first to help when something goes wrong.

The Dog is admired by all their friends and family for their integrity and confidence. They are a very good judge of character. Despite their confidence, they are not the greatest at socializing. They dislike attending large social gatherings or parties and would prefer a quiet meal with friends. They are great speakers and can hold a conversation with the greatest of ease. Dogs can keep very calm at a time of crisis although they do have a bit of a temper, his outburst will be short burst when they happen.

They are loyal and trustworthy but find it hard to forgive and forget if they feel their trust has been abused. The Dog prefers to become an expert at a few chosen activities rather than trying their hand at everything. They are suited to jobs in social services, medical work and teaching, they do need to be motivated from time to time in their work though. If they feel they don’t have a purpose in life they will just drift along and not accomplish much.

Dogs tend to worry a bit too much and see everything from a pessimist’s point of view. They are not materialistic or bothered about money; as long as they can support their family then they are happy. It would be best for Dogs to receive professional help when investing. The Dog is always admired by friends and colleagues but can be quite difficult to live with due to their high standards and changeable moods.

Wood Dog Chinese Zodiac

Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog share a number of personality characteristics. Dog are loyal, kind, and trustworthy. A Dog always stands up for justice and what he or she feels is right, even if that means taking the unpopular view. As children, Dogs are unlikely to be bullies because they have such a strong sense of right and wrong. They are much more likely to stand up to bullies in order to protect others, even if that means taking a beating themselves. This is a characteristic they take into adulthood.

Dogs will not hesitate to use sharp words in defence of another. Rarely do they defend themselves so strongly. Those born under the Chinese sign of the Dog are givers, and will often neglect their own needs because they put the needs of others first. This makes them wonderful friends, lovers, and parents, but they must be careful not to neglect themselves too much.

A Dog is one of the most protective signs in the Chinese Zodiac, and Dogs must be careful that they do not become resentful of others for ignoring the Dog’s needs. Paying special attention to communication and clearly letting others know when they need support will help Dogs along.

Every fifth year of the Dog is tempered by the element Wood in the Chinese Zodiac. People who are Wood Dogs in the Chinese horoscope know how to be a little laid back. They do not stress so much over small things and know how to shake up their routines once in awhile.

Those who are under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Wood Dog do take awhile to make friends. They are shy at first, because they crave support and companionship but fear rejection. Once they have observed enough to decide they can trust a person, Wood Dogs open up and really prove themselves to be steady and reliable friends. Having a close group of friends helps the Wood Dog feel confidence and security.

Wood Dogs dismiss luxury and expensive things. A Dog is content with the same old clothing, decent healthy food, and a fairly plain household. They simply do not see the appeal in spending a lot of money on impractical objects, and would rather spend money on a gift for a friend than on themselves! Those born under the Chinese sign of the Dog are always more generous to others than themselves, but they truly do not feel a need for luxury and so do not miss it.

No matter how sparse the decorations in a Wood Dog’s house may be, that house will always be clean. All Dogs prefer neatness, and Wood Dogs have an affinity for a truly clean household; corners will be swept out, the linens will be kept fresh, and there will be few or no surprises hiding in closets! The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog is tempered by the Wood element, producing an individual who knows how to take things in stride, but has a strong sense of right and wrong.

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