Wood Pig

Wood Pig Years: 1935, 1995, 2055

Active Element: Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio

Pig Elements: Wood Pig, Fire Pig, Earth Pig, Metal Pig, Water Pig.

The Wood Pig has a very friendly and persuasive manner and is able to gain the confidence of others with the greatest of ease. The Wood Pig likes to be involved in whatever is going on around them at all times and loves to get involved with whatever is going on. The Wood Pig is extremely loyal to their friends and family and will always get a great deal of pleasure from helping people less fortunate than themselves. They are always positive and have a great life. They have a great sense of humour.

The Pig is a kind and understanding person and is known for their peace keeping abilities. They hate any unpleasantness and will do anything in their power to resolve the problem. They are great talkers and are always straight to the point. They hate it when justice is not upheld and will do everything in their powers to make sure it is put right. The Pig is usually very popular and enjoys other peoples company. They are very tolerant and are often prepared to forgive other for their wrong doings. They are great at organizing fundraisers and other similar events.

The Pig is a hard worker and is respected for their reliability and integrity. In their early years they will try their hand at several different jobs but will usually be happiest where they feel that they are being of service to others. They will give up their time for the common good and are highly valued by their colleagues and employers. The Pig has a good sense of humor and always has something to say to cheer people up. They love to entertain those around them.

Sadly some people take advantage of the Pigs good nature and use the Pigs generosity to their advantage. They have difficulty in saying no at times and would really benefit learning to say no every now and again. There are many pigs who have become entrepreneurs and set a successful career path for themselves after an earlier disappointment in life. Although the Pig tends to spend money quite freely, they are usually very astute in financial matters.

Another characteristic of the Pig is their ability to recover from setbacks quickly. Once they have made their mind up to do something nobody can stop them. Pigs love spending their money on lavish holidays and expensive shopping trips. Their home will usually be kitted out with all the latest technology and furniture. The Pig will have many relationships before settling down with their chosen partner.

Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese Zodiac, a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Pig is a very honest person. A Pig does not lie or deceive others, and only gives his or her word if he or she is sure he or she can keep it. Since Pigs are so trustworthy, they do not usually suspect treachery in others, which means that they can be vulnerable to being deceived themselves. Although the gentle and honest Pig does not deserve this, it will still happen occasionally. Pigs are well served by trying to be a little less trusting of others.

Most Pig people are hard workers. The Chinese Zodiac tells us that Pigs are devoted to causes once they have committed themselves, and hate to see work unfinished. Pigs do not let themselves be distracted by little things if it means that they will not accomplish their work on time.

Although a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Pig is hard working, he or she also loves to indulge in creature comforts. Pigs like comfortable clothes and plush linens. Their homes are comfortably and tastefully decorated, and they have a tendency to overspend on luxuries. Pigs also tend to be overeaters, so even though they have hardy constitutions, they may suffer from stomach upset.

Even though Pigs may overspend and need to watch their finances, they have good heads on their shoulders and do not usually make poor decisions. Someone born as a Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac usually has a talent for negotiation, and is likely to be the peacekeeper in his or her group of friends.

According to the Chinese horoscope, every fifth year of the Pig is a Wood Pig year. When the sign of the Pig is tempered by Wood, certain characteristics emerge and become dominant. Wood Pigs are very insistent. You may find yourself overwhelmed by their generosity. A Wood Pig will give of himself or herself until there is almost nothing left to give! As a result, those who are Wood Pigs according to the Chinese Zodiac should be careful to take time for themselves to rejuvenate, or they may find themselves burning out.

A Wood Pig is always ready to help a friend in need, and won’t take "no" for an answer-even if that friend really does not want the help! As you would expect, Pigs can be a bit pigheaded, so it may be easier to just stop protesting and accept a Pig’s help.

Wood Pigs are great at breaking down tasks into smaller chunks, and making plans to work steadily on a project until completion. Usually, this Chinese sign does not feel comfortable rushing around or leaving everything to the last minute, and thus prefers to work with a plan. If you need help tackling a complicated project, a Wood Pig is the one to help.

Wood Pigs are very practical, and do not spend a lot of time wishing and dreaming. They prefer to get right down to work without the preamble, and always make sure the job is done.

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