Wood Rooster

Wood Rooster Years: 1945, 2005, 2065

Active Element: Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

The Wood Rooster is and honest, reliable person and will always set themselves high standards throughout their life. They are ambitious and are prepared to work in a team or group. The Wood Rooster will tend to do well in life but can sometimes get caught up in bureaucratic matters and attempt too many things at the same time at work and at home. They like to travel as often as possible and are very kind to their family and friends.

The Rooster has a flamboyant and colourful personality and is thorough in all they do. They are always organized and like to plan their various activities well in advance. They are usually highly intelligent and very well read with a good sense of humour. They love discussion and enjoy taking part in debates. They have no hesitation in saying what is on their mind. Roosters should try to avoid acting on the spur of the moment as they have a very volatile nature. They are capable of accumulating a considerable sum of money throughout their life.

Roosters always seem to have a notebook or scraps of paper with them, they are constantly writing notes and reminders. The Rooster is usually very ambitious, but can be unrealistic in some of what they hope to achieve. They have a very active imagination and do not like any interference from other people although it would be in their best interests to take advice from others every now and again. They can be quite self centred and stubborn over minor things although they are very reliable, honest and trustworthy to compensate for this.

Roosters born between the hours of five and seven, both at dawn and sundown, tend to be the most outgoing of their sign. They like to lead an active social life at all times. They have a wide circle of friends and can build relationships at the greatest of ease. They often belong to a range of clubs and groups and like to involve themselves in a lot of activities. Roosters will always help others less fortunate than themselves as they are very caring people. The Rooster is usually a very refined person that will always dress smart and keep clean. They usually have a large family and take particular interest in the education of their children. They will go very far in a PR job or anything which brings them into contact with the media.

Wood Rooster Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, Roosters are diligent and hardworking people. Roosters usually show great intelligence and drive at an early age, and they often find themselves in high positions where they are managing people quite a bit older than they are. Although Roosters do deserve acclaim for their accomplishments, they can put others off by insisting on bragging about all of the things that they have done.

Roosters do tend to crave the spotlight, and dress in flashy clothes and colors to make sure that they are noticed as soon as they walk into a room. Roosters pay close attention to appearances, and so they are always well groomed in styles that suit their looks and body types. Roosters really thrive on attention, and they usually have admirers that are willing to give it to them.

Roosters have high standards of the people around them, and can be a bit judgemental. The fact is, this Chinese Zodiac sign has even higher standards that they expect of themselves. Roosters take on project after project, and pack their schedules completely full, but they manage to devote full time and energy to every task. Roosters never slack and their results are always the envy of others.

Someone born as a Rooster under the Chinese horoscope is a very honest person. A Rooster will never mislead you, which makes Roosters very reliable business partners. The other side of this is that a Rooster will never hold back if he or she thinks that you are not performing up to expectations. This can cause friction between Roosters and their acquaintances, who can become offended at the blunt honesty. That is why Roosters often work better independently than in teams.

When someone born under the sign of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac is tempered by the Element of Wood, he or she becomes far less individualistic. In fact, a Wood Rooster’s entire personality is aligned to being social and caring about others. A Wood Rooster likes to work as part of a group or a team, and his or her intelligence and creativity allows him or her to divvy up the work to suit everyone’s strengths. The result is a better project that is finished on time.

Wood Roosters enjoy having large groups of friends, and are capable of stepping out of the spotlight to let someone else shine. This wins them a lot of friends, even though they still subscribe to the same blunt honesty as the average Rooster.

Wood Roosters care about the rest of the world, and you can often find them working hard and using their organizational talents to help out charities and non profit companies. Wood Roosters sincerely want to make the world a better place, and they have the talents and confidence to take on such a big challenge! Wood Roosters make excellent friends because they will do just about anything for a friend or a loved one, and will work hard and bring all of their talents to bear when they lend a helping hand.

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