Wood Snake

Wood Snake Years: 1905, 1965, 2025

Active Element: Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

Wood Snakes have a very friendly manner and also a great understanding of human nature which will help them out throughout their lives. The Wood Snake is very good at communicating with others which gains them many friends and colleagues. They are witty intelligent and ambitious people with a large amount of interests who prefer to live in a quiet, stable environment where they can work without any interference. They enjoy art and love to collect paintings and antiques in their home. Their advice is always admired by friends and colleagues especially in social and domestic situations.

The Snake is an extremely intelligent and active person. They will always be planning and looking for ways that they put their substantial skills to use. They enjoy sitting back and thinking about everything that is going on around them, sometimes through meditation.

There will be many points in their life where they decide its time for a change and shed their old skin and take up a whole new range of activities or sometimes even a completely different area of work. Snakes rarely make mistakes as they are very well organized.

Most Snakes are financially secure in later life as long as they do not gamble; this is due to the fact that the Snake is known as the worst gambler in the Chinese zodiac. The Snake is a calm and easygoing person who prefers the quieter things in life. They hate it when somebody tries to rush them into making a decision and prefer to not be around a loud active environment. Snakes do not usually take other peoples advice and will not take kindly to anybody who tries to get involved in their affairs.

The Snake can appear quite confined at times; they are quiet and reserved and can sometimes have difficulty in communicating with others. They do however have a great sense of humor which comes in very useful in times of crisis.

They are not afraid to work hard and will always make sure all their work is carried out thoroughly. One thing that Snakes must be careful of is high blood pressure and diabetes; this is because they burn off so much nervous energy after any physical activity and demands rest for some time afterwards.

It is believed that Snakes are late starters in life due to the fact that it may often take them a while to find a job that they are truly happy doing; they will usually do well in any position that involves research and writing and where they are given freedom to develop their own ideas and plans. Snakes can make good teachers, politicians, personnel manager and social advisers.

The Snake chooses their friends carefully and although they keep a tight control over their finances, they can be quite generous to those they are fond of. They will have no hesitation to shower their friends and loved ones with lavish gifts or expensive meals but will expect their friends to stay loyal to them. If the Snakes trust is broken they can be very hurt by this; Snakes are very jealous and possessive by nature.

Wood Snake Chinese Zodiac

A person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Snake keeps his or her feelings to him or herself. It is impossible to know what is going on inside the mind of a Snake, and he or she will not tell you. The manner of a Snake is always calm, and they do not lose their cool with others. Instead, a Snake will stay cool no matter how agitated another person gets, and the more passionate person will seem quite foolish next to the Snake’s collected demeanour.

Appearances matter very much to a Snake. They do not allow themselves to slip up, make mistakes, or show emotion in front of others. They are intelligent and competent, and they want to make sure that the rest of the world sees that side of them. Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake keep themselves tightly controlled in order to make the perfect impression on everyone they meet. This usually works, and Snakes often find themselves in high positions in corporations.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Snake people enjoy surrounding themselves with high quality items. Do not be mistaken and assume that Snakes are careless spenders, because Snakes do not spend money they do not have. Those born under the Chinese sign of the Snake will save up their money for as long as it takes to afford the things they covet, and do not usually go into debt in order to have fine things.

It’s easy to spot a Snake in a crowd-he or she is the one gliding confidently and silently without a look to the left or the right. Snakes do not need reassurances from others, and do not seek approval. The only standard a Snake feels the need to meet is his or her own.

When people who are Snakes according to the Chinese Zodiac are tempered by the Element of Wood, it reduces the intensity of their personalities a bit. Wood Snakes are more social than other Snakes, and will actually seek out a group of friends rather than just sticking to their families. These Snakes are more likely to work productively in groups, whereas other Snakes generally refuse to work unless they can control every aspect of the project.

Wood Snakes are also less likely to manipulate or deceive someone simply to get ahead. Although Wood Snakes are still ambitious, status and recognition don’t matter as much to them, so they are not nearly as cutthroat in the pursuit of these things as other Snakes are.

Although Wood Snakes are much better at making and keeping friends than other Snakes, they are still quite solitary-minded. They dislike taking the advice of others, and they almost never ask for it. Snakes march to the beat of their own drummer, and are very prideful. They rely on their own talent and intelligence-no one else’s. These Snakes make devoted family members because Wood Snakes will sacrifice a lot for their spouses and children.

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