Aquarius Man in Love

If you want, cuddles, passionate exchanges and gestures of undying love, please give Mr Aquarius a wide berth. This man is the most emotionally inarticulate chap in the zodiac - he has deep feelings but he simply cannot deal with them. If he is in danger of falling in love with you, he’ll treat you with apathy, he may even seem to actively dislike you. But that’s his way of protecting his feelings.

He is on very firm ground when he’s with his friends or with a group of people, discussing current affairs and telling jokes; he’ll be in a serious state of panic on a one-to-one basis with a woman he finds attractive. Like all cerebral men, he is deeply drawn to passionate and emotionally complex women, who drive him stir-crazy and prove the point that love is for the birds. He is kind of endearing though in his ingenuousness, and he can be very faithful once he’s found his heart’s desire.

How to interest Aquarius Man?

Do not miss the Aquarius! He fixed his gaze on you? Let him know that you like it too. Aquarius somewhat confident, revealed difficult and rarely someone about something requested. Make yourself a step forward - it will make two. Take a step back - it will retreat from you four steps. But do not go through. Touch, looks encouraging, omissions - the best reception of communion at the stage of dating and the first date. Do not try to make him jealous - he is not jealous. Do not say anything offensive about him: he was long remembered resentment.

Do not teach him to live and nothing to consult. He will not listen - he goes his own way, living by its own rules and is guided only by his sharp mind. You can ask him for help. He is responsive, is pleased to support and be honored. Show that you can do something to give him in return. He appreciates the business acumen and the ability to partnership. And, of course, be attractive, sexy and mysterious. Do not trust completely and instantly. He often fluctuates between instinct and reason, can fantasize, and then be disappointed. Random connections in his youth are not uncommon.

What is the Aquarius man in marriage?

Aquarius married - a faithful and devoted husband. Among men, this sign is enough Monogamous. It will provide the family, relatives will always find a way to earn enough money. Often, all his life he worked for the good of the family. He trusts his wife, it does not control, do not make me. Even quarrels there is a compromise. With it you can always negotiate. Even if he is away from women for a long time prepared to maintain friendly relations and help.

And yet, among the Aquarius most divorces. His leave because they think selfish. It is believed that he is doing more for others than for native. Always busy, and friends do not always know where it is and what is now engaged. Aquarius leave his home when a woman tries to "fasten it to the skirt." Life is even a golden cage - not for him. He silently for a long time preparing the liberation, but at one point simply disappears in an unknown direction, not saying a word.

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Aquarius Man in Love
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