Cancer Man in Love

Don’t be fooled. This man may seem pliable, diffident, romantic and stable but behind that smokescreen is a determined, focused and emotionally complex individual. He is, I have to say, possessed by mother, by which I mean the relationship he has had with his mother - good or bad - powerfully affects his romantic and marital life. Your best bet is never to criticize his mother, nor insult his family: let him do all the whingeing (which the male Crab does rather a lot). Mr Cancer adores fiery women - think Salma Hayek in Frida - although he often marries women who represent a safety blanket, someone he knows will never stray, someone who will make a mother for his children and a home for him to scuttle back to day after day, night after night.

What charm woman in Cancer man?

If his eyes sparkle, he is talkative, cheerful, seeking a meeting, you immediately clear: You liked him. Date prefers private, with nice music, nostalgic memories of their first meeting, accidental contact timid and gentle kisses. His feelings seem to be sincere, and it is true. His shyness and fear of rejection often causes a woman to make the first step.

Cancers Male are slowly moving to what they want to enjoy. Eastern wisdom "wins patient" refers to this sign, allowing cancers to bypass all the competitors. This behavior convinces the woman (and sometimes misleading) that he loves and is tied for a long time.

In bed, it seems like the perfect lover. Constellation Cancer governs our breasts, and your guy get turned this part of the body. He controls his sexual desires, is able to lead a long love-game lead. The first night you remember for a long time and look forward to the next.

Cancer loves comfort, tends to have a home and looking for faithful wife. If you have begun to live in a civil marriage, you will see the delight with which he equips housing, legible selects everyday objects. Cancer partner in a marriage is sure to have found happiness: love, partner and friend.

Why did you part with Cancer?

When good intentions and sincere desire to have a family, Cancer tired from long effort for the good of the house, or simply bored of relationships that have become familiar. In his youth, he, without any compassion left many lovers in his girls. Cancers in marriage changes when the opportunity without guilt. Crawfish - most promiscuous of ties marks.

If you try to appeal to his conscience, he will portray virtue, loyalty and feeling offended, never admit their mistakes. If, however, your arguments are irrefutable, that he would find the perpetrators or circumstances that prompted him to do so. You realize with regret that falsity, resourcefulness and materialistic - not the qualities that can be taken.

Crayfish owners, they are suspicious and jealous love: their mood can range from euphoria to melancholy. He’s hiding in his shell rachy, and it makes you suffer. Do not attempt to call on the help candor, sympathy or pity. Cancer does not go in the conversation if there is the slightest possibility of being defeated or convicted of something. He just slam the door with a reproachful look in your favor, "How could you!". His evasiveness, secrecy, neglect of your unrest become an occasion to reflect, and whether he likes you?

However, the crabs are faithful and loyal to the very young age, or after 35 years, when estimated the benefits of loyalty. Cancers are faithful, if become partners in one case, a business or those who are creating their luxury and comfort. Suppose you give him dignity and love with such a man.

How to win a Cancer man and keep him?

Be tolerant of his desire to boast, support the intentions to be the main thing in your otnosheniyah.Izbegayte conflicts. He can not stand criticism, sharp and loud conversation of women. Give him the opportunity to feel successful and young: clothing, furnishings, entertainment. And most importantly - Cancer wants to be loved faithfully, all the while waiting for confirmation that it is very necessary to you. Women, be sincere in his feelings, affectionate and gentle.

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