Capricorn Man in Love

If you want to reel in a Capricorn man, don’t go wearing a nine-inch skirt, a bustier and your stilettos. You’ll get his attention, all right, but he’ll immediately pop you into the available and very temporary category, while continuing to keep his eye out for the future mother of his children. This man has taste: he is upwardly mobile, and needs a wife who will help him up the ladder of success. He is a truly horny old Goat too - he has a large sexual appetite, which invariably lasts well into old age but he won’t be influenced by it when it comes to marriage. Mr Capricorn is often to be found keeping a low profile: he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself. He has a dry humour and quiet way of maintaining absolute control. He’s faithful and long-suffering too. However, if you’re looking for fun, spontaneity, generosity and intimacy, stop right there: he’s not for you.

Where to meet a man Capricorn?

Of course, it all starts is not a marriage. First you need to find out where you can meet a Capricorn? Girls, you can meet him at the gym, in a quiet bar, at least at the disco. Or maybe he is your colleague or boss? Cute, neatly dressed, laconic. You will not hear from him a compliment or praise for a job. But soon, make sure that if a guy Capricorn something promised, be sure to do it. He is alone? Now is your chance!

You may be older or divorced, and you have children? You are busy running away from things and loneliness in social networks? Do not be afraid to draw attention to themselves first. He was not very sociable. But there is no better companion for a woman in your position and age. He might be interested in you.

How to conquer the Capricorn man?

How to win Capricorn? Vulgar, extravagant clothes, expensive jewelry, unusual defiance and plenty of makeup you alienate his more than will attract. Do not use too harsh spirits. Classic or vintage clothing - your style. Do not wear robes, shapeless sweaters and pants. Subtly emphasize their femininity. Rather short with moderate neck close-fitting dress and high heels will always be the place.

Capricorn devoid of romanticism and is incapable of intrigue, can not provide favors. Capricious, quick-tempered and always annoyed or arrogant woman it would be annoying. The friendly tone of the conversation, shy, quiet, ability to go into the shadows and give him the right to lead his interest. A gentle smile and a shy glance charm.

Capricorn chistoploten and loves order. Keep the body and hair dryer, the order on the desktop and in the house. Capricorns are squeamish and do not like casual relationships. Take your time to lead him into the bedroom, until you are sure that he has become attached to you, and you both really want. Do not excel in sexual poses and him do not expect innovative approaches. All defines your passion for each other.

Capricorn in marriage and love are very practical, thrifty, industrious and expect the same from you. Lentyaek spenders and they can not stand, but proud of the achievements of his wife. Themselves do not praise, and so he sees everything. If he is already in love with you, do not drag it to the discos and groups of friends. He is jealous and does not like to dance, he was not attracted to loud noises and bright light. But he loves nature, travel by car and be with you.

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