Gemini Man in Love

Who is that man on the run, waving his hands in the air, talking to someone on his cell phone while addressing a group of followers? It’s Gemini Man, of course. This man is convinced that it’s harder to hit a moving target - a philosophy that works as well for his business life as it does for his love life. The best way to capture the heart of Mr Gemini, is to keep him at a distance too: he is particularly attracted to passionate and emotionally complex women, yet he cannot take angry scenes and copious tears. You see, he is difficult. There are, at least two men within every Gemini - Mr Nice Guy and Mr Ice Guy - this man will freeze you out when he’s upset, angry or moving on. Still interested? Well, no surprise there, because the Gemini can be the most fascinating, boyish and charming man in the zodiac.

Gemini Man in Relations

Gemini - the sign of a cold-blooded. First, the desire to learn new driving them to a love affair, and then they all began a sophisticated intelligence analysis, to compare the pros and cons, to analyze the thoughts, words and actions of a partner. If it is to his advantage, he is being transferred to a new target. Therefore, in his youth, they are unstable, and the maturity of divorce.

The wife of Gemini at the age of forty may ask: "My husband suddenly packed up and left her for another woman. He will return? "Most likely, the situation of the triangle will be delayed for a long time. When the twins decided to leave the family, he did not have the patience to clarify the relationship and the expectation of divorce. He prefers to just disappear, it may lie. So does this mean that men Gemini totally unreliable and they do not necessary to enter into a relationship? Of course not! They are not polygamous, did not seek to modify and choose a woman. Just be aware of their key features and reckon with them.

How to understand Gemini and win?

If you liked this man and you sign it, keep him longer distance, it is best to Impatiens position of girls with a strict upbringing and a good education, or a divorced woman who is careful. And you will have a chance not to be thrown, and win a Gemini and hold.

Remember: Gemini need time to think, to make a decision, and it should not be rushed. Do not build plan after several meetings, you will also need time to test his feelings and intentions. There is a very important feature. If you meet the twins and you can not understand him, meet his family and their traditions. Twins - this is a sign that, like no other, gives the importance of the impressions of childhood, which affect the rest of his life.

If the family or one of the parents laid it right moral concepts, it will adhere to these rules, and will transfer them to his family. But if a young man or a child lacking proper moral values, such a man will rebel against conventions, break off relations and family ties. The same will happen at the Gemini married.

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Gemini Man in Love
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