Libra Man in Love

Picking out Mr Libra in a crowd is easy: he’s the debonair, urbane culture-vulture, hobnobbing with those of power and influence while making sure he’s being seen in the best light. Charming? You’ve never been so charmed. He has manners, he is attentive, empathizes with you and your problems. He can be politically correct and let you pay for dinner but he’d rather play the gentleman. Don’t be fooled though, it’s just his captivating ruse to gain control. You see, he is a Cardinal sign - ambitious and self-motivated - and he’s also a narcissist, which means no matter how much he talks about sharing, his main concern is himself. He’s also not the sexiest guy in the zodiac - he may have a passion for erotica but intimacy and hot, steamy exchanges are simply not his thing.

How to conquer a man Libra?

If among the many fans he has paid attention to you, it may seem strange that he is not eager to get into bed, and travelers are not so frequent. No, this is not the prince who will save you from the imprisonment in the tower. He came to you to woo and eyeing. Give him time to understand and get to know you, do not rush to the actions and decision-making. He did not fall in love at first sight. Scales vary between reason and desire - he needs time to equilibrate.

He enjoys a platonic love for you and evaluate your spiritual values. He likes to excite you, deceive, and in response he expected praise, approval and admiration. A loving woman should wait until it goes into the romantic period of the need for close and he would give her the first signal. The balance will be used to call the woman if she takes the first step, but only if you understand what it really wants, and it is really in love. Libra needs in a harmonious union and balance, and when a man finds out that he does not like (or have violated the laws of ethics and good taste), then recede rather than will make efforts to change the situation.

During the balance of love is very idealistic. They require long love game: caresses, kisses, and then sexual intercourse should take place rather quickly, otherwise their aesthetic sensibilities are offended. A great impression has atmosphere. Their planet Venus requires a luxury: silk shirts, clothes, perfumes, soft lights and romantic music.

Libra Male married

Libra governs marriage. Libra marriage - the best husbands who provide good family, create an atmosphere of harmony, they are good fathers. They often rely on women to achieve success and goals. Scales more than other signs require stability and rarely divorce.

Some dissatisfaction may be the wife, as the balance in a marriage will soon get tired of the physical aspect of the relationship (they are more concerned about the spiritual component), and after a period of romantic affection frequent and regular intimacy with time they begin to strain. The marriage may be all very well if you do not need a husband constantly portray the passionate lover and let him free to engage in social activities, or their hobbies.

If the husband suddenly a casual affair, it is only because he is no one can say "no". I finished it for him rather a sense of guilt and repentance.

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